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Stuck in an infinite loading screen

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So, I recently started playing the new war after I grinded out the game after putting it off for a while, cause I normally only played with friends, after I started playing through the first mission in the new war, I was loading into the second one and got hit with an infinite loading screen, I've tried restarting my game, restarting my Xbox, and doing a complete shut down and reboot of my Xbox, nothing seems to work, I will mention the fact that I did in fact get the necramech before I started the mission, but I did not get the railjack because I was unaware that I needed it until I looked up why I was having this problem, if anyone could help me with this problem I would very much appreciate it, thank you in advance

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8 hours ago, (XBOX)TheLordThiccass said:

I did not get the railjack because I was unaware that I needed it

how were you even able to start quest without owning railjack?? guess that's reason you get infinite loading screen 


8 hours ago, (XBOX)TheLordThiccass said:

the second one

I assume this is after Kahl section? second one is Veso and I don't really want to spoil anything but after Veso there's railjack section so I think that's why you get infinite loading screen since you don't own railjack but they really should deny access into this quest before you own railjack? 

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