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Petition to bring back Teshin: Please don't bring him back anti-climatically!!!

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Yes the title says it all, DE writers... Why??? He was such an amazing and adored character and I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.


He's the reason you are able to walk in game in the first place, of all the people we met he and Ordis are the only ones who lied the LEAST, it's thanks to him that you go out in the plains to hunt your eidolons for your arcanes and stuff. He's a Dax of principles yet he goes against his Orokin lords just to not get a child hurt. Though he's like only seen on Conclave(admittedly a left alone game-mode acknowledged even by devs), but he is chilling with Steel Path going for him. But just seeing the hologram, when you change your SE for your rewards it kinda hurt to see his hologram.


The thing is when you play him, even the sound track on background feels very ominous and implying something is wrong, but Teshin being like it's easy I will do it, I can solo it seemed off-character don't you think. Teshin is a dax with principles, he believes in sheer calm and focus of your strength to fight, and him being like that is not justified. Not to mention how awful the writing was to show him anti-climatically being killed off screen by Erra, and what bothers me is the Operator being like wait who are you, unlike TWW, oh no Teshin I will come to save you. The pacing was off and rushed unnecessarily.


Now we know about the Eternalism being a way which makes no impact if you hinder with time, and the hologram maybe a sign that he will return at some point. Because, well we know "someone" due their personal problems caused this, had a hologram until her return. So most likely he may come back, but... Remember the Duviri trailer, remember the Dax? In the void steel material, that doesn't give good signs to me. If DE writers shove another "plot-twist", and bring back Teshin but as an enemy of yours, that will suck. Not just suck that would put me off the game man, that would be such a bad way to excuse things, and I hope it's not like that, I hope he comes back as an ally.


With that, what do you guys think? What do you think will they do? Leave it down below!!!

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