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WTB kuva lich with this mask, up to 3000 plat if these requirements are met

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I need a guy that has this helmet.


Hard requirements:

-this helmet (complete, exactly as it is in the pic)


-zarr or grattler

-no fat belt or turtle back

-jovial personality


Soft requirements:


-good and symmetrical arms, symmetrical legs.
Example of good arms: this lich's left arm, arms that look human, not mechanical or misshapen. Example of bad arms: this lich's right arm.

-has ephemera

-has syandana

-has codpiece

-bulky body

-no bad quirks like coward, deserter, paranoid etc


The more requirements met, the more I'll pay, up to 3000 plat.

Can message me here or in game or on the market (same name)


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