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PSN: The New War: Hotfix #6 + #6.1


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PSN: The New War: Hotfix #6

Prime Resurgence has concluded! 

Regal Aya is no longer purchasable from Varzia and Aya has been removed from the drop tables and replaced with Nyx Prime and Rhino Prime Relics. 

Varzia still resides in Maroo’s Bazaar with a selection of wares. If you choose, any remaining Aya/Regal Aya can be used in Varzia’s post-event shop or can be held onto for potential future Prime Vault efforts. While the future of Prime Resurgence is still being determined, priority in any instance will be to provide options that appropriately meets player expectations for premium purchases. 

A full Post-Event and Next Steps breakdown is available here!


  • Vaulted the Neo P2 Relic and replaced it with the Neo P4 Relic in the drop tables. 
    • The Neo P2 Relic was missed being Vaulted with Harrow Prime’s release.
  • Caliban’s Cranion Helmet has been added for future Nightwave Cred Offerings rotations - keep an eye out for it! 


  • Fixed a crash if the Panzer Devolution Mod respawn triggered with specific timing during player death & respawn.
  • Fixed Invasion Events (Fomorian or Razorback Armada) not triggering when eligible to.

PSN: The New War: Hotfix #6.1 

  • Fixed tip filepath strings appearing in Varzia's shop. 
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Hotfix #6.1 
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Has Nightwave progression tracking been fixed for activities on the Plains of Eidolon? It’s kind of a big deal when a chunk of the Nightwave Acts this week take place there. 

Thank you guys for the update though. 


Edit: Crap, scratch that. Those Acts were last week. I forgot. Still though, fix please?

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Forgot something and needed to add it.
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- Still Fov bugged when starting the Game (playing with 90 fov have to fix it myself when i switch to the Operator and back)

- Still Lag stuttering when doing Eidolons, Missions etc.

- Siegel/seals (whatever it called) is still buggy and stretched when you navigate on the Planets by the Warframe

- horrible Performance


sry DE makes no Fun anymore

and pls when you bring Crossplay, Remove the horrible Host system... and bring Dedicated Server for all thx... its 2022 and not 2013.... (dont like to play with a mobile Player as a host)


Gl Hf anyone

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