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PSA: Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos rewards may not match what you expected (resolved)


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Hello Tenno!

Quick PSA to bring visibility to an issue we're actively investigating.

Currently the rewards indicated from defeating your Kuva Lich/Sister (weapon Elemental bonus, Ephemera, etc) are not what's actually given to the player. For example, your Kuva Lich Adversary has a 51% bonus. Upon receiving your weapon from Vanquishing it actually has a 28.4% bonus. Clearly wrong!  A Kuva Lich’s equipped Ephemera may also be different, and for Corpus Sisters, their Hound might also be different.

We’ll update this thread when we know what the next resolution steps are. (You may want to avoid doing your Lich/Sister showdown until we resolve this)

Feb 9 2022  19:18 eastern time

We've hot-dropped a fix to all platforms for the server side mission rewards script that was causing this problem.  Kuva Liches and Sisters of Parvos should now once again reward you with what they show on your summary screen.

Tomorrow we will begin addressing compensations for the players who did their Lich/Sister showdown in the window between 11:00 and now and didn't get what they were hoping for. Further updates to follow once that process is underway!


Feb 11 2022  16:13 eastern time

We have concluded there is enough data that we can reconstruct player's proper rewards.  Some time next week we will run a server script for anybody who defeated a Lich or Sister in the affected time frame.  If you got an item with incorrect numbers (weapon, hound)  or did not get an item at all (ephemeras),  you will get a repeat of your reward drop with the corrected things you should have received the first time.  In the event of a duplicate weapon, you get to keep both weapons. (And we assume merge them together to make even stronger)


Updated Feb 16 2022 11:56

The compensation script for bad Lich/Sister rewards has completed on all platforms.

To recap:  If you defeated a Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos within a specific time frame (on February 9 from about 11:00 to 19:18 eastern time), the rewards that were sent to you by the server did not match what you expected to get based on what you could see in the information page for your Lich/Sister.  We corrected the rewards being given by modifying the server, and this script retroactively fixes people who got wrong or missing items before the server fix.

What you can expect, if you were affected

  • You will get a new Inbox message with item attachments, the same as if you had just defeated your Lich/Sister
  • The new Inbox message will be the rewards that you should have gotten the first time, including Ephemera, Weapon (if you vanquished them), and Hound (if it was a Sister and you vanquished them)
  • If you earned a weapon, you keep both the old one and the new one. Claim the new weapon or Hound from the Foundry, as usual.
  • The new weapon is not guaranteed to be a higher damage bonus percent than the first one you got; the first weapon was simply random while the new one will match what was shown on your Lich/Sister's information page
  • Reminder: You can use Valence Fusion to merge two identical Kuva or Tenet weapons together and make a more powerful version! This is under the "Actions" button in the weapon's "Upgrades" screen

We hope these actions will give everybody the rewards that they expected and earned, and apologize for our mistake that led to the confusion.

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Just now, QuestWasTaken said:

I'm confused. Are the actual rewards still the same?

No.  Some ephemera rewards aren't being awarded, weapons being dropped by vanquished nemeses don't necessarily match those shown on the nemesis page.  You will get the same actual weapon, be it ogris, plasmor or what have you, but you won't get the same damage bonus or extra rewards that the nemesis should be giving you.

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(PS5) I downed a sister last night and got the tenet plasmor as advertised....BUT I never got any preview of the weapon before the mercy kill to spawn the sister.

I just did anyways on the off chance and saw the weapon in the sister screen from the map.

Also had a lich that I thought of spawning but again no preview on what weapon they had so I didn't mercy kill that one.

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Went to check if I was affected 'cause I hunted a Sister right after mainline dropped. And yep, I remember seeing something like 51 or 54% magnetic bonus on preview but the Cycron I actually got has only 37.8% bonus. Never even thought to check it before seeing this theme just now. 

I got kuva weapons with good bonuses relatively often but all my tenet weapons so far were terrible in that regard. This was the first good one, hope it will be possible to restore the correct value

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Yeah, I am in the same boat. Killed a sister with the cold ephemera yesterday, but didn't get it as a reward.


I don't know if it matters but the sister of parvos was generated a few days before. And before her I got the fire ephemera just fine.


Is there a way to give these rewards retroactively to players?

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Please clarify as to the effective dates of this glitch. Was it only post-update Feb 9th? I had been Lich and Sister hunting the week before and had no reason to believe that the % bonus was off, having a mixture of kills and converts. The latter of whom I am interested in selling and wish to know whether they are accurate.

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