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NSW: Echoes of War: Hotfix #2

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SWI: Echoes of War: Hotfix #2

Hotdropped yesterday: Fixed incorrect Adversary rewards (weapon % bonus, Ephemera, Hound) being given after Vanquishing a Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos. Full PSA here.

  • We are working on next steps for those who were affected - more information to come as we lock something in. 


  • Fixed crashes and excessive performance hitches when Grendel consumed an exorbitant amount of enemies and proceeded to vomit them out (90+ enemies). In the name of performance, we’ve added a limit of 40 enemies that can be eaten by Grendel at any given time, and spread out the vomiting of large numbers of enemies.
    • Test Cluster crash report/fix.
    • This was noted in the Update 31.1.0 notes but didn’t actually make the build.

The New War Fixes: 

  • Fixed Teshin freezing in cutscene after taking care of some big baddies. 
  • Fixed crash when attempting to change the appearance of an end-of-quest character. 


  • Fixed script error related to Gauss' Thermal Sunder. 
  • Fixed getting stuck on the Mission Failed screen with no way to exit after dying during the Call of the Tempestarii Quest ‘Infiltrate the Corpus Spy Vaults’ mission. 
  • Fixed Arcane icons appearing stretched in Chat linked loadouts. 
  • Fixed script error when attempting to close game during a Transmission. 
  • Fixed an issue where changing Operator features (eye color, hair color, etc) would only apply to the active Clothing config and not all 3 A/B/C as is intended. 
  • Fixed Credit icon missing from the End of Mission screen on mission nodes with an active Sister of Parvos. 
  • Fixed the Tenet Cycron having force feedback rumble when reloading while using controller. 
  • Fixed script error when attempting to view Quests in the Codex. 
  • Fixed the Terralyst getting stuck on rocks after spawning from Gara Toht Lake in The Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed a duplicate entry for the Sirocco in the Primary Profile category.  
  • Fixed a script error related to Hildryn’s Passive. 
  • Fixed the Solunar Glyph disappearing from the in-game Market and player inventories, as reported here:
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