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Universal Ammo bugged


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  1. Universal Ammo (from Lavos and Protea abilities) is buggy and cannot be picked up to refill your pistol ammo if you don't have a primary weapon equipped.
  2. Lavos' transmutation probe/drone doesn't transmute ammo packs into universal ammo on open world maps.
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I can confirm that Transmutation Probe is indeed bugged!  However, it specifically gets bugged after equipping your Arch-Gun!  Once done, Transmutation Probe will continue to convert health and energy orbs. But, it will not convert any ammunition at all.  Regardless of the weapon or configuration used.

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Posted (edited)
On 2022-03-07 at 10:56 PM, [DE]Momaw said:

Both of the cases you describe worked okay for me.  This might depend on specific weapons or mod configurations?

Bug #2 is occurring for me as well. I have made a video.


Contrary to what Misanthrope85 says, this is also happening without equipping archgun first. It just happens straight out of the gate.


Of note is that over a testing time span over ~5 minutes, I was able to spawn in universal ammo boxes NEXT to regular ammo twice. I don't know what the difference was for those 2 ammo boxes. They regular ammo boxes themselves were not transmuted. Video of this in action:


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