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The Profit - PS4 Launch Trailer Megathread


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Banshee was so lame in this, it's such a shame. The only real part she played was knocking off Alad's neck brace, and she does that A) with a weapon available to all frames so it was nothing special about her and B) it appears by accident! Plus she didn't contribute destroying the Zanuka and instead Rhino got two goes and beating the crap out of it, first with Roar & Stomp then he got to tear it in half with his bare hands. 


Banshee should have used Sonar to locate the Zanuka's weak point, thus leading her to the neck brace. Then she should have aimed the Glaive to bounce of a wall next to the Zanuka and hit Alad in the neck. Would have shown off her powers a bit more and made the Tenno look a bit smarter than just lucky. Plus we didn't get any glass breaking, speaker destroying sound-quake...


Other than that, fantastic trailer as always!


The trailer also highlighted how weird her feet look while running because of that weird design they insist on keeping (apperently because they like warframes having ugly elements in their design go figure).

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Great animations in the fighting! Wish we would have got to se some new units tho.

And the biggest thing for me was the comment

"Good luck." After the auction was over.

Strange. This made me think they would go into the void after Mag.

Assume the beam is a teleporter.

Or they see the void as the afterlife.

Alad is sure to be augmented, and the fact he wears no suit suggest he is nobility, Master merchant.

The others are heads of Chapters or Guilds based on markings and color.

As for the visor, he clearly has powers he was about to unleach. I expect he grabbed a ledge or landed on a ship below at the end.

The movie felt unfinished.

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