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Angels of the Zariman: Dev Workshop PREVIEW

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Some really neat things you've showed there, lots of things to like. I guess if I'd had to pick one thing, especially that you decided to put some emphasis on parkour in one of the new modes. Looking forward to seeing how that'll shake out.


But I have to admit, I'm on the fence about some of the Garuda changes.

One of her playstyles (the other being maximising her nuke, I don't care much about that) was about juggling her various buffs, bars and meters. Health and her passive, energy, shields, her blood orb damage. That and her mobility is what gives her a very unique playstyle, diving in and out of danger. If you take that away, why shouldn't I just play one of the same-old meta frames instead?

Seems like this will be another victim of the "streamlining process", or rather "dumbing things down unnecessarily" as I like to call that kind of change.

(Preliminary opinion, of course, wait and see)

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2 minutes ago, mikakor said:

except that it DOESN"T fit the combat. it's now slow, goes almost NOWHERE, and seems rather extremely cumbersome to use. whoever designed that, back to the drawing board you go. seriously. what am i saying, back to the current one, period. nobody should have even thought about changing a tool that was doing it's job perfectly. i hope the backlash is so intense that it goes back to what it should be. a traversal tool. not some kind of tactical fancy bullS#&$ like you pulled today... 

And this, fellow Tenno, is a prime example of knocking something before trying it.

Wait until the test cluster or release before you throw your toys out of your pram.

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Please, be VERY careful with void dash changes.
The new one seems very slow/sluggish, and I really hope that's not all that there is to it.

I'd rather not have a downgrade to a system so deeply ingrained into the game's movement.

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I am unbelievably hyped about the changes we saw on stream today. As someone who's been trying (despite somewhat clunky and ineffectual mechanics) to integrate operator play into my overall gameflow, seeing that the devs are actively moving toward improving this experience and rewarding it is very exciting!

Looking forward to Narimon rework the most, for OC/lore-related reasons. (ノ ФωФ)ノ

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Not really digging these void dash changes. It feels slow and cumbersome. If I want to have a shorter dash, I can easily just look down at the floor or do a little jump and then dash down. Never would've crossed my mind to have a telegraph for it, because it's really not all that necessary.

I'd rather keep the old dash.

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Eximus rework looks promising so far. Looking forward to that.

Void Dash looks sluggish (other comments touch on this already).

Something to think about for maybe the future is giving some kind of scaling sink for unused Focus Points that have steep scaling for marginal bonuses to give players who've been playing a long time something to use Focus for once "completing" every node. Having insane scaling would mean nothing is powercrept into oblivion and newer players can get almost the same performance while Focus Points become indefinitely useful for something, even if small improvements at scaled milestones. Many players have tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of unused points that will continue to accumulate.

Also regarding this:


Make the teleport of Frame to current location automatic rather than manual. This would not only be nice, but also fix the entire situation where Operator death is abused to teleport the Warframe across the map using cached locations.

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I'm begging you to change the plans on the Garuda passive and make it an augment or something.  Give it a second trait if you need to, just don't make one of the most fun risk-reward 'frames in the game hyper-safe, boring, and tethered to a single point.  Because that is what will happen.



Hello from the future, yeah I was right. :/  She just feels way too safe, and boring, I feel like I'm playing less "risk-reward bloodmage" and more "what if Valkyr but literally better in every way."

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