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Nora's Mix Volume 1: Update 31.2.0 +


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11 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixes towards Kela De Thaym sometimes not taking damage from Clients. 

Akarius explosion fx as clients fix when????? The Akarius still uses the default color when you are the client instead of the corresponding energy color of the weapon like all other fx on weapons. I see all of these "fixes for clients issues" in patch notes yet the most egregious one still isn't fixed!


Other bugs that still needs to be addressed and fixed:

Excavator hitbox is broken, especially with operator mode and transference. You can easily clip through the top of it yet still be able to wall ride off of the clippable portion.

Not being able to throw a Sac with Alt-fire if you have a glaive equipped and not a secondary 

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Even in fictional worlds, the alphabet system strikes again... start from Z next time to make it fair, all I ask :D

Well not really, I also ask for a serious rework of the Hallowed Reckoning augment, maybe change it's armor shred to be increased to offset the weak ability strength in steel path not fully armor shredding like most frames even at max ability strength. Could turn it into an Armor Sap like ability:

Hallowed Reckoning: Drain enemies of an additional 20/40/60 percent of their TOTAL armor, gain 15/30/45% bonus armor (after mods if you're feeling generous :D)

But like what I see all around esp for Garuda, incentive to try em out.

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Garuda changes are welcome and nice, but disappointed the jumps from mid air casting weren't changed or removed. In Particular Dread Mirror mid air jump (but Seeking Talons behaves mostly the same), as it always forces you to jump forward and not in the direction you are inputting, if I'm back-pedalling I don't want to jump forward, if there's a cliff and I'm shooting it at enemies on the other side I don't want to jump towards the cliff's bottom, etc. Plus, no way to drop from mid air casting means that jump always happens (except in a very rare scenario). This shouldn't be a hard change that can't be fit into a quick hotfix, so it would be nice to see that being addressed, which IMO was one of the reasons why I starting disliking using Garuda, the addition of that jump without proper QOL.


TL;DR yay changes, but the mid air jump needs QOL or removal.


The augments... Some are so random and unrelated tho. But hey, now I have a reason to use Smoke Shadow, and not for it's intended purpose. Chroma's augment should've been added to base Effigy instead of being buffed and a new augment should've been made.

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hace 19 minutos, [DE]Megan dijo:

As mentioned in our last Devstream, we set out to buff a selection of Augments that were underused according to our statistics. Our goal is to bring these Augments up to speed, and align them with our more popular Augments. The buffs below are merely additions onto what already exists in the game. This won’t be our only batch, so expect to see more Augment changes in the future!

i just want to say that i LOVE you DE!❤

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On 2022-02-09 at 4:49 PM, Halo said:

Good afternoon all, I will be using this avenue to report a bug that has been ongoing for months now for Dojo rooms specifically with the spawn pad inside of it. 

With the new inclusion of said spawn pad, it is great for use and allows players to pick and choose where they spawn in a dojo. 

However, with this inclusion, since it has been released, back in November or even before that specific time period, rooms with the spawn pad do not hold dojo lighting's. 

Attached to this post will be a video in question as to how the bug operates. 

Upon entering the clan dojo, the lighting is set to default (when in reality, it is not, it has been colored). 

It should be the dark blue further in the video provided. This is achieved by ONLY placing down a polychrome in the dojo room. 

Upon completing the polychrome, and rushing it too (as it has now been going on for months), the colors appear to stay as intended. 

Upon leaving the dojo and going back into it, the lights revert back to default (this is not supposed to happen). On top of that, upon teleporting to other rooms occasionally keeps the room colors via teleporters within the clan dojo, but does not always stay. Also, walking outside of the room can instantly reset the colors for no apparent reason. 

There is no current fix for this except for staying in the dojo only after placing a polychrome, as rushing or waiting out the time limit does not force change the colors to any capacity. 

As someone who enjoys making my clan look great, I can only imagine how other clan dojo's might be experiencing such a bug and dislike the room where their spawn pad is. 

I honestly do hope this gets resolved eventually, as I can see that my inquiries in the forums have gone unnoticed as well as removed for apparently being reposted, which a lot of other players do regardless about other bug problems that don't get removed. 

Again, an example of the bug in progress is within the video, and still occurs to this day per this latest hotfix, which was 31.1.1. 


Hey there, me again. Resident player with a clan dojo who's upset that his spawn room's lighting does not stay properly lit after reusing another polychrome for testing purposes. 

The lighting colors do NOT stay as imprinted on the polychrome upon rushed time, leaving dojo, and re-entering the room with the spawn pad. 

This problem has been plaguing my dojo and probably others for months. 

Only fix is placing a polychrome in the dojo without editing it, and even after doing such, leaving and re-entering does not hold the lights proper colors after completion of the polychrome. 

Still holding out hope this gets fixed, cause I hate walking into some basic colored lit room when I know its supposed to be dark. 

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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Many Made Whole
Convert 10 Riven Slivers into a Riven Mod.

Please reconsider this challenge, the amount of riven mods a person can acquire is limited. Making a challenge tied to it doesn't seem like a good idea. And riven slivers are incredibility difficult to come by in addition as well. On average you have to spend over 5 minutes for one Riven Sliver, making this challenge take at least an hour which is much longer than most other challenges (the next longest I can think of is the eidolon Hydrolyst at 30 minutes on average, or exploiter orb at around 40 minutes if including diluted thermia, so the three sorties ones)


Seeing Drift Challenges for nightwave is a welcome addition! Could some riven unveiling conditions that can be completed in the Drift please be added, and I suggest removing some Plains challenges to make the riven unveiling challenges more evenly distributed across the three open worlds.

6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Inaros: Desiccation's Curse
Before: Killing a blinded enemy with a finisher has a 75% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow.
New: Killing a blinded enemy now has a 100% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow. Increased Sand Shadows damage by double. 

Inaros: Elemental Sandstorm
Before: Sandstorm has a 50% chance of inflicting Status Effects based on the damage types and mods on equipped melee weapon.
New: Sandstorm now has a 100% chance of inflicting Status Effects. As well, Sandstorm receives a 50% increase to range.

And Inaros is still bad, will continue to play him without his abilities except for a subsumed one. The other augments don't look too crazy but are enough to hopefully allow people to experiment with them.

6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

As mentioned in our last Devstream, we set out to buff a selection of Augments that were underused according to our statistics. Our goal is to bring these Augments up to speed, and align them with our more popular Augments. The buffs below are merely additions onto what already exists in the game. This won’t be our only batch, so expect to see more Augment changes in the future!

Could this usage list please be provided to help me understand what other augments are going to get buffs?

In addition, could a future batch please include other underused aspects of our kit such as passives on various warframes like hydroid and Loki for example?

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LOVE the Garuda changes (thank god the claws are finally fixed) but I'd like to suggest 2 more:


2) I'm surprised that the slash proc chance on Seeking Talons isn't being uncapped to go with the status changes from a while back. Even though it's possible to achieve a power strength that theoretically allow you to go greater than 100% slash chance, as you can do with a lot of weapons in the game now, caps out at 100%, making an "all in on power strength" build on Garuda somewhat pointless. I think that combined with the change to Garuda's passive, that one change could open up a ton of build variety for Garuda.

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