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Garuda Prime: Update 31.3


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Garuda Prime: Update 31.3



Awash in crimson and shimmering gold, Garuda Prime has emerged! Add Garuda Prime, exclusive Prime Accessories, Weapons, Boosters and more with Prime Access, or earn Relics in-game to craft Garuda Prime, Nagantaka Prime and Corvas Prime in your Foundry.

Garuda Prime and her signature Prime gear tear through the battlefield with razor-sharp talons and sanguine bloodletting. Experience Garuda’s reworked abilities and witness the queen of gore get deadlier the more blood is spilled.


Garuda Prime
White, gold and deepest scarlet, the queen of gore in full regalia. She also has increased Energy and Armor  stats, along with an additional Madurai slot. 

Her Talons also have increased base damage and Critical Chance stats.  

Nagantaka Prime
A golden version of Garuda’s versatile crossbow, as fashioned by the Orokin’s finest weaponsmiths. Alt-fire to let loose a barrage of bolts. All bolts have a chance to cause Bleeding, and Headshots have a chance to increase Reload Speed. When wielded by Garuda the Nagantaka gains a slight Punch Through effect.

Corvas Prime
Flaunting ceremonial beauty, this arch-gun flak-cannon is even more devastating than its standard issue counterpart.

Exclusive Garuda Prime Glyphs


Garuda Prime Accessories includes:

  • Kukri Prime Armor
  • Sanguinax Prime Ephemera
  • 90-Day Affinity Booster
  • 90-Day Resource Booster

When Garuda Prime enters Prime Access, the following items will be added to the Prime Vault. If you have Relics that contain these items they will remain in your Inventory.

  • Titania Prime
  • Corinth Prime
  • Pangolin Prime

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifices:

  • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Corinth Prime Barrel to Astilla Prime Barrel 
  • Replaced Arbiters of Hexis Sacrifice of Titania Prime Neuroptics to Gara Prime Chassis
  • Replaced New Loka Sacrifice of Titania Prime Systems to Nezha Prime Chassis
  • Replaced Steel Meridian Sacrifice of Pangolin Prime Handle to Zakti Prime Receiver 

Note on Garuda Prime Relics: We have skipped Neo N19 in Relic naming convention and went straight to Neo N20 due to chat linking issues we encountered in testing. 

If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Garuda Prime Access begins March 28 on all platforms. Don’t miss out on adding the queen of gore’s full regalia to your Arsenal! Find the Prime Access packs here: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access

Riven Disposition Changes:
As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers. See the full Disposition changes here:

And read about our Riven Disposition Guidelines here:

Log in now for a free Wisp Dex Skin - and more!


It’s been nine monumental years since the awakening of the Tenno! In celebration, we invite you to peer into the Void and reflect on the evolution of the Origin System - from humble beginnings to the current post-New War era, and the astonishing possibilities of the future.

Log in today and join the festivities with a free Wisp Dex Skin.

Earn Dex Weapons, Customizations from previous Anniversaries, as well as Weapon Slots by completing weekly Alerts, plus earn extra Credits and Affinity with weekend Boosters!

Week #1 Alert: March 28 at 11 a.m. ET to April 4 at 10:59 a.m. ET 
Rewards: Dex Nouchali Syandana, Dex Sybaris and Weapon Slot

Credit Booster Weekend: April 1 at 2 p.m. ET to April 4 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #2 Alert: April 4 at 11 a.m. ET to April 11 at 10:59 a.m. ET
Rewards: Excalibur Dex Skin, Dex Furis and Weapon Slot

Affinity Booster Weekend: April 8 at 2 p.m. ET to April 11 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #3 Alert: April 11 at 11 a.m. ET to April 18 at 10:59 a.m. ET
Rewards: Dex Raksaka Armor, Dex Dakra and Weapon Slot

Credit Booster Weekend: April 15 at 2 p.m. ET to April 18 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #4 Alert: April 18 at 11 a.m. ET to April 25 at 10:59 a.m. ET
Rewards: Liset Dex Skin, Excalibur Dex Noggle

Affinity Booster Weekend: April 22 at 2 p.m. ET to April 25 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Week #5 Alert: April 25 at 11 a.m. ET to May 2 at 10:59 a.m. ET
Rewards: Rhino Dex Skin, Excalibur Dex in Action Glyph

Credit/Affinity Booster Weekend: April 29 at 2 p.m. ET to May 2 at 1:59 p.m. ET

Check out our official website for full details on the 9 Year Anniversary Merch, Steadfast Excalibur Anniversary Contest, and more! https://www.warframe.com/anniversary



Embarking on a new path through the Origin System? Give your Arsenal a boost with the recently-updated Initiate Pack II! These carefully-selected items are sure to kickstart your journey and help you Rank up to realize your ultimate potential.

The Initiate Pack II includes:

  • Nova Warframe
  • Vectis Sniper Rifle
  • Essential Critical Chance Mod Bundle
  • Vital Sense Mod
  • Nova Atomica Skin
  • Radia Syandana
  • Alamos Sniper Skin
  • Classic Saturated Color Palette
  • 2000 Endo
  • 7-Day Affinity Booster
  • 275 Platinum


  • Made small optimizations to memory. 
  • Made optimizations to dynamic lighting that might occur in rare cases. 
  • Optimized peak memory usage while loading with DirectX 12.
  • Fixed possibly rare and unlikely crash in Dx12.
  • Made micro-optimizations to Dx12 threaded rendering.
  • Made micro-optimizations to DirectX 12.


  • Fixed Garuda Talons not retaining skin details/textures in Arsenal preview. 
  • Fixed Garuda's Seeking Talons UI getting stuck on screen after falling into a teleport volume while casting it. 
  • Fixed case where you could lose Act progress in Nightwave due to it clearing before getting uploaded to the server. 
  • More fixes towards Nightwave Standing appearing doubled in the UI. 
  • Fixed textures flickering in the warp tunnels in the ‘Approach Praghasa’ stage of The New War quest. 
  • Fixed textures flickering in the teleport volume in the camp in The New War quest. 
  • Fixed more cases of incorrect capitalization for:
    • Certain missions in the World State Window (Disruption Void Missions, Kuva Survival, and Sanctuary Onslaught). 
  • Fixed potentially crashing when streaming between levels in Railjack if you left some enemies active on a POI. 
  • Fixed certain Ephemeras applying to Operator faces, creating some very unsettling sleep paralysis looking Tenno. 
  • Fixed the Pakal Chest Plate floating when equipped on Railjack Crew members. 
  • Fixed the scale button being misaligned when placing an object using the Orbiter decoration menu in Spanish.
  • Fixed issue with Epic launcher where items purchased in the in-game Market would only show as ‘owned’ after relogging. It will now show that you own the item immediately after purchase.
    • This also fixes not seeing an item displaying as ‘owned’ in the detailed view. 
  • Fixed crash when leaving the Orb Valis after free roaming. 
  • Fixed the Gara Prime, Nidus Prime, and Harrow Prime Light and Dark Glyphs having the same name.
  • Fixed crash related to spawning Archwing using Archwing Launcher. 
  • Fixed script error with Gauss’ Thermal Sunder. 
  • Fixed the Rise of the Machine Nightwave Act showing as incomplete even after completed when your Necramech is destroyed.


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Blood for the Blood Queen!




So QoL changes are moved to the Angels of the Zariman update?

Like changes to the Tenet Diplos alt-fire when you aim down sights? It's literally unusable.

Or the return of Lua Spy for sorties:

Am 4.5.2017 um 15:58 schrieb [DE]Megan:

Removed Lua Spy missions from Sortie rotation due to extensive Client loading times on min spec machines. Please note that we are working to fix this and add Lua Spy missions back into the Sortie rotation.

Or some plan to optimise the corpus capital ship deff so you aren't stuck there for ages

Or gender independent operator customizations:

Edited by Dark_Lugia
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Control F-Akarius 0 results 

When is the  Akarius explosion fx does not function properly as client finally going to be fixed?

E:not even 10 seconds after launching the game and I run into this bug

Edited by XHADgaming
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Kind of surprised by Corvas Prime. I also errorously thought Garuda had a signature warfan, I just looked it up now. Probably because her deluxe a skin for them.

Actually, as cool as Corvas Prime is, kind of sucks that we're getting all these weapon slots and they won't hold Corvas Prime.

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The Sanguinax Prime Ephemera is way too 2-dimensional.

PLEASE add more layers to it. As it sits right now, it's way worse than the Eros Wings Ephemera. This needs to be 3 dimensional, where the sprite effect is, there's no depth to it.

It can't be this expensive and look worse than the regular one, that is an actual 3d model.
I know because I payed for it.

EDIT> Also also, the color mix is not 50/50. For some reason, the secondary color slot takes over on most of the energy color.

While invisible with Loki it just looks horrendous... come on, where's the effort for a prime accessory that costs almost as much as a new game...


Please fix, thank you

Edited by _-Seraphim_Gabriel-_
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Any chance the atmospheric stats and behaviour of the Corvas Prime are bugged/overlooked? The regular Corvas is a shotgun in atmospheric mode, but the Primed version is literally just an Arca Plasmor right now.

Corvas' atmospheric mode is the only shotgun Arch-gun in the game at the moment, which makes it super good for dealing reliable damage - with a Multishot of 12, it will always balance out poor luck with Crit Chance or Multishot. All of this goes away with the Primed version. Please make the weapon more interesting by making it a shotgun, because in this state, I don't see myself ever using it, even if the disposition were higher than the Corvas. We have more than enough AoE Arch-guns already.

Edited by Iterniam
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I read this in the PSN update thread and wanted to comment on it. Any word about why players are locked out of the final stage of kuva lich if they don't have a lich in the final phase? I get locking the node from random people joining but it seems kind of strange that you can't recruit support for this mission unless all players have a lich. Same for sisters.

I've been asked to help people with this numerous times without the ability to help due to the restriction that currently exists.

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