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Hermaphrodite's Warframe Achievement Thread! { Lots Of Photo's! }


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Hello everyone! Since DE has yet to make an " Goals & Achievements " Sub-Forum, i'v decided to post this here until further notice due to it being " ALL " Warframe related. If you dod ecided to move this DE, I HIGHLY reccomend a Sub-Form for this kind of stuff.


I'v FINALLY finished crafting every weapon/warframe/sentinel possible for a Rank 2 Tenno, and i'v decided to share my results, as well as show my progression so far.

Please keep in mind these items WILL NOT be included.....

- Event Specific Items : Gear that was only available for a short period of time for an event or giveaway as a promotion, this includes skins.

- Skins : As Skins are either Platinum bought or Alert rewarded, I will not be listing this as part of my complete crafting list, but I do have a fair amount of them if not most.

- Rank Locked Weaponry/Frames : I have been Rank 2 for at least 250+ Hours, I plan to stay that way, as such I am locked out of crafting particular items, which will not be seen on this list, The items that are NOT CRAFTED on this list are items that require a rank to begin crafting.

- Gears/Boxes : Easily crafted and bought, not note-worthy need to post here.

- Clan Tech : ALL Clan-Tech items are Rank-Locked for myself, so will obviously NOT be listed.




















Please note that most of my warframes are within an hour of completion as I created this thread.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHY AM I RANK 2? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My account was created in May, and I played as a Banshee during that time before I chose an Optional Reset while it was available. Then my username was " Cute ". Here's a screenshot before my reset.


Upon resetting I used the 1,800 Platinum I had gotten back to buy everything I needed from the start, skipping the tutorial so that I wouldn't gain any Usage/EXP on unwanted Gear. I'v been using the same setup since I restarted 260+ Hours go. Here is a editing screenshot showing my proof and the sort.


I have no real reason as to why I chose to stay with one setup, I enjoy trying to be different from everyone else in some way, and training everything just like everyone else isn't very appealing to me. I find this enjoyable and have yet to complain of boredom.


Here's a few tid-bits of other information at I gathered up at the creation of this post.

A picture of my Warframe and Sentinel, using my favorite color Cyan c: * Nova still needs a better layout IMHO *


Here's my loud-out for my weaponry and all their glory , showing how much I love them.


I am in a Clan, I created the clan back in Closed Beta, and despite being the only Member by choice, I don't regret showing it.


I am currently missing a few modifications, I am hoping to try and get them all of course, but for now I'll just show my ranking.

As you can tell I don't spam defense/Mobile-Defense Missions, and tend to spend most of my effort into ranking up ALL my modifications, even when I don't use them. This explains my lower-ranked Modifications for things I do use.


And finally after all that crafting and buying, this is what i'm left with.


I'm hoping DE will allow users to at least craft Rank Locked weaponry so I may continue. As for now i'll be focusing on gathering all my modifications and ranking at least 1 of each to Max, working on Maxing everything in my Dojo alone, and other things to preoccupy my time. Thanks for reading!

Now I have to go to work~, Have fun!



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Wow, I'm actually impressed, you have not used anything but Nova, Grakata, Lex and Dual Ether?

I do love the Grakata, and while I honestly am impressed (with your single mindedness), there are other weapons that are fun to use as well :)


Anyway, good job (in being different)!


Edit: One final thing, did you deliberately support Corpus (knowing they were losing) because you only wanted a blueprint rather than a built secondary?

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