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Zenoriu Mask not showing for Drifter in public missions


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I recently purchased the Zenoriu mask for the drifter and sometimes in missions it doesn't show. It seems to only happen during public missions; the mask is just missing while my eye accessories on the head are still there.

I tested it and it doesn't happen when solo, nor on the Operator. Other facial accessories seem to appear properly too. Seems to only disappear when equipped on the Drifter and in public missions. In open world hubs, the mask is there but during the bounties it's gone again when playing matchmaking.

Saw another thread that mentioned the mask is floating above the drifter's head, and yep it's there lol 2 feet floating above their head.

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Hate to bump an old thread but its now october and I've still heard nothing of anyone acknowledging this bug. It may seem minor but this mask is the only one I like and i hate that I am being forced to use something else simply because this bug hasn't been fixed. The first complaint I saw about it was in January this year. We are nearing the end of the year and still no fix? It isn't bugged on operator at all and only bugs on drifter if you aren't the host... but I play with my friends so that's 90% of the time that I am not wearing my mask. Please fix this. I know change takes time and I can understand that. I just want to know a fix is coming at some point.  

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