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Update 10.8.0


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Update 10.8.0




Nekros Shroud and Nova Quantum helmets are here, and they are statless!

Coltek Sentinel Accessory Bundle!



Conclave Power change: Banshee’s Sonic Boom stunlock’s opponents. A cooldown of 5 seconds has been added to Sonic Boom in Conclaves.



Fixed Mission session slot permanently being eaten by client who fails to properly connect or is rejected by host.

Fixed players not being given temporary invulnerability after using a revive, also prevent them from being knocked down while invulnerable.

Fixed continued issues with fog in Orokin Derelicts. Edit: *Some issues still remain*

Fixed mod card sorting so that like-named cards are grouped properly (Sentinel Redirection separate from Warframe Redirection).

Fixed dead/spectating players being able to revive in Conclave pause menu.

Fixed Credit Alert mission rewards giving double the advertised amount; changed Credit Alerts to give better rewards based on difficulty of the Planet that the Alert appears on.

Fixed flickering glass in Orokin Void circular connector.

Fixed Foundry not showing number of built keys you already have for a recipe.

Fixed pressure plates in the Orokin Void colour puzzle not showing correct colour for clients.

Fixed numerous issues with Coolant Leak; it no longer prevents other precepts from working and should now work properly for clients.

Fixed Clan Tech Research issue where player could be invited to a friend's Dojo, do research in their Dojo, and it goes towards the invitees own clan, even if their clan doesn't have the research rooms built!

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no more hard mode electric death tunnel in the derelict. yay

ill give coolant leak another try


EDIT: coltek looks like a bunch of small pistols being used for wings a face and a tail. I personally thing it looks ugly as heck but thats just me

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