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Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.1


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Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.1


Angels of the Zariman Quest Changes & Fixes: 

  • Reduced enemy levels in the Angels of the Zariman quest from 50-55 to 40-45.

    • We want the missions to be challenging, but not so challenging that you cannot progress through the quest! The missions outside of the quest differ since they are not meant for tutorial purposes as they are in the quest. 

  • Improved mouth animations in certain parts of the quest. 

  • Fixed placing Armaments turret too quickly near Exodamper in the Void Armageddon stage of the quest, which would disable all turret mounts and keep the objective marker there for the whole mission. 

    • This also fixes being able to stack multiple placements on the single spot.

  • Fixed crash when attempting to fast travel (notably to the Arsenal) in the Crysalith during the Angels of the Zariman quest. 

    • This fix removes the ability to open Arsenal in the Dormizone during the quest to address the crash. It is re-enabled after quest completion. 


Zariman New Mission Modes Changes & Fixes: 

  • Changed the Void Armageddon Armaments turrets’ ‘Time Remaining’ percentage indicator to count down instead of up. 

  • Updated the open/close sound FX for the Void Armageddon Armaments Turret selection menu. 

  • Fixed Void Manifestations becoming invincible (spawning without health bar) after teleporting. 

  • Fixed Reliquary marker flashing in Void Armageddon mission when it's not the target after Exodamper has been destroyed. 

  • Fixed several issues for remaining player after Host migration in Void Cascade after 1/3 completed Exolizers:

    • Lack of mission UI.

    • Unable to start a new Exolizer.

    • Not forcing transference to Operator when crossing into anti-warframe bubbles.

    • Enemies not spawning/moving.

  • Fixed Void Armageddon Armament Turrets ‘Time Remaining’ UI indicator clipping into the Turrets themselves.

  • Fixed script error in the Void Flood mission. 

  • Fixed music queues overlapping in the Zariman missions. 

  • Fixed matchmaking issues when starting a mission from the Chrysalith. 

  • Fixed Clients who fast travel to the elevator in the Chrysalith before the Host being unable to load into the Bounty mission selected by the Host. 

  • Fixed the same challenges appearing when the Zariman Bounties rollover. 

  • Fixed lost spirits sometimes getting stuck and losing their way around the Zariman. 

  • Fixed orb hitbox from the Void manifestations encounter being unintentionally too small. 

    • In both the missions and quest. 

  • Fixed players being able to matchmake into different challenges on the same node due to Bounty rollover in the Chrysalith. 

  • Fixed Focus points gained from killing Thrax enemies not appearing in the End of Mission screen. 



  • Made several improvements to the overall look and garbs of the new Syndicate characters. 

  • Polished some facial animation for the Operator and [spoiler character] unarmed idle and talk animations. 

  • Improved how Companions are streamed into the Dormizone. 

  • Polished Voidplume textures. You could say the birds have pruned their feathers.

  • Updated Clan Advertising options. 

  • Changed the Saryn Voidshell Skin default emissive color to match the Rhino Voidshell and Volt Voidshell skins. 



  • Fixed certain accounts being unable to login after downloading the Angels of the Zariman update. 

  • Fixed the Valkyr Carnivex Skin and Collection giving the default Valkyr animation sets and not the Valkyr Carnivex animation sets.

    • A script will be run to deliver these to the accounts that purchased the Skin before this hotfix. If you did not previously own the default Valkyr animation sets, they are yours to keep! 

      • **Script has completed! Please relog if your were affected by this!

  • Fixed the Holokey Blur in the Emergence to Chrysalith Supporter pack missing on purchase. 

    • Affected accounts will have this rectified via script! 

  • Fixed Host being able to hear the Void Sling / Transference sound FX from Clients across the map. 

  • Fixed Operator Somatics Markings not showing up. 

  • Fixed the Alternox’s alt-fire sound FX being heard from across the map. 

  • Fixed accidental trade bans after launching the Angels of the Zariman update. As originally PSA’d here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305995-psa-rectifying-accidental-trade-bans-after-aotz/

  • Fixed some cases (notably when a weapon had no customizations) where Loadouts wouldn’t save. 

  • Fixed the Voidshell Material Structures not appearing in the Conclave Arsenal and preventing customization in Cooperative mode.

  • Fixed the Alternox missing its Falloff stat: 60% Fall off on alt fire Radial Attack. 

    • Also fixes duplicate Falloff stats appearing in the Radial Attack category. It will now correctly indicate separate stats for ‘Falloff’ and ‘Damage/s Falloff’.

      • Note: 0.0% ‘Damage/s Falloff’ is intended for the Radial Attack.

  • Fixed Emblem offset issues with the Valkyr Carnivex Shoulder armor.

  • Fixed Clients being able to lock Host outside of their own Dormizone. ~DORMIZONE SECURED~

  • Fixed unreleased Operator cosmetic showing up in Appearance options. Stay tuned for its actual scheduled release! 

  • Fixed Syndicate screen not opening up when speaking to Bounty giver in the Necralisk for the first time after the quest. 

  • Fixed crash related to Void Sling. 

  • Fixed Void manifestation never reappearing after teleport. 

  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow becoming indefinitely invulnerable after being spiked by a Void manifestation. 

  • Fixed Melica Cache missing shutdown sound. 

  • Fixed being able to get stuck in a school-room area in the Zariman tileset.

  • Fixed some texture issues when moving/scaling decorations in the Dormizone. 

  • Fixed lingering FX from Void manifestation arena after exiting it. 

  • Fixed Venomous Eximus’ abilities being affected by Limbo’s Rift. 

  • Fixed the Shock Orbs from the Shock / Bio-Electric Eximus not zapping if you have a Sentinel. 

  • Fixed the Shock Orbs from the Shock / Bio-Electric Eximus getting cut out if enemies are around. 

  • Fixed the 3 Day Resource Booster showing a Platinum price indicator in UI when available via Baro Ki’Teer’s offerings.

  • Fixed a [PH] tag appearing in the ‘Insufficient Focus to purchase’ popup message. 

  • Fixed minor map holes in certain parts of the Zariman. 

  • Fixed script error related to FX on the Javlok. 

  • Fixed script error related to Operator Transference. 

  • Fixed script error related to Focus Tree UI. 

  • Fixed script error that would occur after Host migration in The Greenway Mobile Defense node. 

  • Fixed script error when joining a Void Flood mission in progress. 

  • Fixed script error when picking up resources in Void Armageddon missions. 

  • Fixed script error when using the ‘Sell Items’ button in your Inventory. 

  • Fixed script error related to the main menu. 

  • Fixed script error related to Rhino’s Rhino Charge ability. 

  • Fixed script error when trying to disarm a target with Disarming Sling. 

  • Fixed script error related to the Melica Cache sounds. 

  • Fixed script error related to the new Challenge progress screen.   

  • Fixed script error when previewing items while in your Inventory. 

  • Fixed script error related to the Buzlok. 

  • Fixed script error related to Temporal Drag. 

  • Fixed script error related to Unairu Wisp. 

  • Fixed script error related to Void manifestation activation. 

  • Fixed script error related to the Operator UI.

Edited by [DE]Megan
valkyr carnivex animations script: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​**Script has completed! Please relog if your were affected by this!
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2 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed unreleased Operator cosmetic showing up in Appearance options. Stay tuned for its actual scheduled release! 

Goodbye my beloved.


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Please give OLD Inner Might to current Naramon fused into Affinity Spike; Naramon only has 1 functional passive. Affinity Spike does nothing for mission progress or survivability because there are no perks, bonusses or stats that are activated in-mission via Affinity.

This was recommended and highlighted dozens of times with triple digit support votes overall in the dev workshop thread.

Thank you.

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hace 5 minutos, Voltage dijo:

Please revert Void Sling to Void Dash. It feels like you have 300ms ping everytime you try to move. It's horrible.

Void Sling is the best addition to the game. I personally love feeling like i have 300ms everytime i move.

Edited by Gabriel
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- Why does the Zariman NOT give MR points once all the nodes are completed like everything on the star map?

 - I bought the Vasero Sekhara and it seems it was Not tested. The one on the right arm is hidden low and almost behind - not centered

- It's been 3 years since we have notified that all Nikana skins are bugged on the Sepfahn one way or another -Please fix

- why can we not wear the chest plate armor and the Focus Emblem at the same time?

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Void Sling feels so bad, and I find it hard to believe it was for "controllability or accessibility" when it takes 4-5 seconds to travel 200m with a maxed Void Sling and the same thing could be done with Void Dash in 2 seconds.

Change it back.

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The change in the level of the quest shouldn't be necessary , the player doing this quest are supposed to have finished war within and the new war , i think it's expected that people can fight level 50 grineer by this time. 

I understand why it's happening , but keeping a little bit of difficulty can be good sometime , it can force people to immerse themselve better in the modding system and the game mechanic 

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