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(SWI) Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #2

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(SWI)  Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #2

It’s the day after Update 31.5: Angels of the Zariman! We are here with our second hotfix to address some key stability and fixes. Some next-day feedback has been incorporated in this update. 

Eximus Rewards & Palladino Changes:
After reviewing Community feedback to the Eximus Unit reward changes in Update 31.5.0, we’ve made some further changes, specifically to the Credit drop. The amount of Credits dropped for high level Eximus Units due to the scaling amount changes weren’t hitting the mark for veteran players who play at that level. We don’t want to remove Credits altogether as new players will find these useful in their journey. 

As a result, Eximus Units now drop 500-750 Credits that no longer scale with level. Non-Steel Path Eximus Units level 30+ now have a chance to drop a Riven Sliver, granted at a smaller chance than their Steel Path counterpart to not diminish their value. 

As a result of the above changes, Palladino’s Offerings have grown to provide more purchase options for your Riven Slivers, given that you’ll receive more with the above changes.

New to Palladino’s Weekly Offerings: 

  • Additional Veiled Riven 
  • 35K Kuva Bundle
  • 150K Credit bundle
    • For those who appreciated the bigger Credit drop from Eximus Units you can now choose to use your Riven Slivers here.

Please note that the per week reset also applies to these Offerings. 

Additionally, we’ve temporarily removed the “Tax the Taxmen” requirement from the Zariman Bounty rotation due to the prior Eximus Credit drop boon making it possible for a majority of players. We’re looking to change this to a “Kill X Eximus Units” challenge instead in the near future. 

Syndicate Medallions Change: 

We have made a gamewide change to how Syndicate Medallions spawn in missions - this of course also applies to the latest addition of Voidplumes! 

Before: Medallions of all tiers spawn completely at random with no logic attached to it. 

NOW: There is now a guarantee that out of the 8 Medallions that spawn in a mission:

  • 1 will be Rare (aka Voidplume Crest now guaranteed in every mission)! 
  • 2 will be Uncommon
  • The remaining 5 will have a chance to be either Common (75%) or Uncommon (25%).

There is now far more benefit to finding all 8 Medallions, as you are guaranteed 3 higher tier out of the total 8. 


  • Changed Void Armageddon “Collect Argozene Crates” Bounty to be 3/5/7/9 instead of 3/5/10/15.
  • Turning in Zariman Accolades to Melica Caches will now immediately drop the Void Quill instead of after she finishes her voice lines. 
    • This also fixes the issue of Cephalon Melica’s voice lines getting interrupted when interacting with her. 
  • Added a tutorial message to the Angels of the Zariman quest during Void Manifestation fight informing that you can Void Sling through Orbs.
    • This tutorial prompt also appears in the fight outside of the quest when assistance is needed. 
  • Added a UI Marker to the “inactive” Void Manifestation if you are doing a Zariman Bounty that requires you to defeat them. 
  • Updated a couple animations of the Angels of the Zariman characters in the quest. 
  • Added sound FX variations to Gyre’s Arcsphere and Coil Horizon cast. 
  • Turned up the volume of the Zariman Accolades. 
  • Changed the ‘Zariman Classroom Scene’ Captura scene to ‘Zariman Schoolyard Scene’ to more accurately reflect it.  
  • Improved the reload animations of the Laetum.
    • Also fixes the Laetum clipping through Warfarme when not aiming down sight. 



  • Improved the reload animations of the Laetum.
    • Also fixes the Laetum clipping through Warfarme when not aiming down sight.
  • Fixed infinite screen shake when spiked by Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed complete loss of functionality after being spiked by Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed crash related to Hound (equipped with the Null Audit Precept mod) casting the Blitz Eximus chain blast attack. 
  • Fixed FX and sounds not playing when hitting the Void Manifestation orbs. 
  • Fixed matchmaking from Navigation in your Orbiter matching you with Bounty squads  started from the Chrysalith.
    • Matchmaking to Zariman missions from Navigation in your Orbiter will now only match you with players who are doing the non-Bounty version of the selected mission. 
  • Fixed being unable to tab through the Challenge Progress screen (from the Pause Menu) using L + R on a controller. 
  • Fixed a crash occurring when Nova Worm Holing into the Zariman elevator and extracting before the Worm Hole disappears. 
  • Fixed Warframe abilities (notably Rhino’s Iron Skin with the Iron Shrapnel Augment equipped) being activated while using the ability cast bindings to select Armament Turrets in Void Armageddon missions. 
  • Fixed Cascadia Overcharge description incorrectly stating that it’s a Warframe Arcane, when it is a Secondary Weapon Arcane. 
  • Fixed Cascadia Overcharge only being able to be equipped on Secondary Kitguns, instead of all Secondary weapons.  
  • Fixed several issues caused by Host migration in Void Flood missions:
    • Long delays in spawning a new Fracture. 
    • Slowed Corruption meter. 
    • Thrax enemies not spawning. 
  • Fixed downed players not getting teleported to the elevator in Void Armageddon missions on extraction. 
    • They will now be revived and teleported to the elevator when extracting. 
  • Fixed players being offset in the Chrysalith map when returning from Dormizone. 
  • Fixed ‘TennoCon’ appearing in the Controller Icon Set options. 
  • Fixed incorrect color customization on Atlas’ Tectonic walls. It will now use your emissives and accent colors.
  • Fixed missing "Build Requirements" tab and description in the Market.
  • More fixes towards players getting unwarranted Trade bans after playing missions in the Zariman. 
  • Fixed Void Manifestation orb explosion FX triggering multiple times. 
  • Fixed the Solena and Kyruna Ephemera reverting to have no textures when spiked by a Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed crash related to Focus screen UI. 
  • Fixed some Focus Tree node descriptions clipping in certain languages. 
  • Fixed the tutorial UI prompt overlapping with the Void Manifestation’s health bar.
  • Fixed Protea’s Temporal Anchor forcing you out of your Operator in transference disabled areas (eg. Void Manifestation arena). 
  • Fixed crash that could occur in post-The New War Plains of Eidolon if a pickup was dropped inside the gate. 
  • Fixed black and white FX persisting everywhere after being killed by the Void Manifestation in the arena. 
  • Fixed a small number of Clans with big Dojos being unable to access them. 
  • Fixed [PH] tags appearing in Deimos and Zariman content. 
  • Fixed [PH] tags appearing in Dormizone pop-ups when using the ‘Clear Room Decorations’ option. 
  • Fixed sound being permanently ducked when entering the elevator during Void Cascade mission fail. 
  • Fixed missing Thrax Centurion Codex description. 
  • Fixed a broken light map in The New War. 
  • Fixed script error in Zariman Mobile Defense mission (The Greenway). 
  • Fixed script error related to the Shock Eximus. Fixed a script error for the Kuva Trokarian if killed while playing leap animation. 
  • Fixed script error related to Inner Might. 
  • Fixed script error when Mod linking Kubrow/Kavat. 
  • Fixed script error related to Xaku’s Last Grasp ability. 
  • Fixed script error related to the Derivator Crewman. 
  • Fixed script error that could occur in Void Cascade missions. 
  • Fixed script error related to Thrax enemies. 
  • Fixed script error if you had an Incarnon weapon at Rank 5 and completed a mission with an empty rifle/pistol/melee slot.
  • Fixed script error related to Juggernaut. 
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