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(XBOX) Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #3


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(XBOX) Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #3


Happy Friday, Tenno! This hotfix targets fixing some high priority bugs that we wanted to get out before the weekend hits. We will be back next week after reviewing weekend reports to continue the hotfix train. 


Nidus Maggot Prime Script = Complete! 

Due to how Prime Access & Prime Accessories are offered on consoles, to ensure parity with PC those who purchased the Parasitic Link or Prime Accessories will receive 1 Prime Maggot and those who purchased the Ravenous Pack will receive 2 Prime Maggots via this script. Your new best friend will appear in your Decorations inventory if you meet the criteria!  



  • Added the color reset and randomize buttons when customizing Amp appearance. 

  • Re-named ‘Primary Color’ in the Operator Appearance customization menu to ‘Sigil Color’. 

    • Also re-ordered the ‘Sigil Color’ option to appear before ‘Default Properties’. 

  • Updated the Dojo Map Legend UI to support custom themes.



  • Fixed the rarity of the Zariman Bounty reward tiers (Common/Uncommon/Rare pools) not being properly assigned - resulting in unintended drop rates. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1306797-gyre-parts-not-dropping/#comment-12493101

    • This directly affected the Gyre and Weapons Blueprints. The UI was inaccurately stating the rarity for each - Gyre’s Component Blueprints were marked as ‘uncommon’ but only had a 2% drop chance, while the Weapon Blueprints were marked as ‘rare’ but had a whopping 21% drop chance. So we have redistributed the drop rates by increasing the drop chance of Gyre’s Component blueprints within the intended ‘uncommon’ rates and lowering the Weapon Blueprints rate to intended ‘rare’ rates. 

  • Fixed Clients not receiving AABC rewards from Void Armageddon missions after completing one Round onwards. 

  • Fixed the Protovyre Ephemera not tracking Focus gained from Zariman missions. 

  • Follow up fix to getting stuck in the Zariman elevator due to being in a ‘full’ public squad, and the session failing to join the mission. 

  • Fixed enemies not spawning when starting a Zariman mission from the Chrysalith immediately following a Void Armageddon or Flood mission. 

    • This also fixes post-Angels of the Zariman missions having spawn issues due to the last stage of the quest being Void Armageddon. 

  • Fixed only one Brilliant Eidolon Shard being consumed when unbinding both possible Unbound abilities in a tree at once. 

    • The UI would state that two were consumed but truly it was only one in the backend. Those who were affected will keep those unconsumed Shards. 

  • Fixed Clients not seeing proper scaling of the Void Manifestation orbs.  

  • Fixed the ‘What’s New’ screen on login kicking players out of The New War quest. 

  • Fixed Energy/Shield Drain for a Helminth Ability equipped on Hildryn being extremely high after using Inner Might, making it impossible to cast. 

  • Fixed being able to hover while in decoration mode over existing/permanent decorations/furniture in the Dormizone. 

  • Fixed Amp attaching to elbow when customizing colors on [spoiler character]. 

  • More fixes towards being unable to enter extremely large Clan Dojos. 

  • Fixed crash related to Sentient abilities. 

  • Fixed crash related to Kavat Mischief Precept mod. 

  • Fixed script error related to Thrax enemies. 

  • Fixed several script errors in the Void Armageddon mission. 

  • Fixed script error with Nidus’ Parasitic Link ability. 

  • Fixed script error related to Sentinel Regen mod. 

  • Fixed script error related to Thrax enemy spawns in Void Flood/Cascade missions. 

  • Fixed script error related to checking challenge progress for Incarnon Weapons while in mission. 


Missed notes from Hotfix #2: 

  • Fixed infinite loading screen during key certain stages of The New War quest. 

  • Fixed rare Client side crash while joining in progress Infested Salvage missions.

  • Fixed script error related to Void Projection.

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Does anyone know if the eidolon drops were fixed because I did a hunt and the radiant shards that give 40k focus are not dropping only the shiny ones that give 25k focus I wanted to know If it's a bug or if from the update it will be like this 

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Please remove the change of the eximus. I cannot do Hydron, Senda and level up my weapons and warframes without dying every wave. I'm attaching a clip as proof. I hope you can fix this because I cannot help anyone survive in missions now because of the insane damage being dealt from these enemies. It feels like I'm doing steel path. This is not fair.

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On 2022-04-29 at 2:42 PM, (XBOX)toughdragon17 said:

Now we just need better bounty rewards because just getting ONE reward for doing some hard work is basically a joke 


Some people spend 15 to 30 minutes in a mission and poof hears your ONE reward  which after the update is probably still ENDO

Yes please. As someone who mainly does void flood missions, having to spend 15 or so minutes and close 10-15 ruptures just to get 8-15 globules, it is so disappointing getting the same reward after extraction (voidplume quill). 
I think a good resolution to this could be a reward for every certain amount of ruptures closed (similar to defense where you get rewarded every five rounds).

And please fix drop chances of voidplume crest! It says it is a common reward and I have never gotten one unless I find it in the mission. 

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