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(NSW) Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #4

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(NSW) Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #4

Operator & Focus Changes:
A mix of both Community feedback and our own internal digging has brought forth some further changes to Operators and the Focus School System. A couple key goals of the Focus School System changes in Update 31.5.0 was to bring all Schools to the same level (while keeping their identifying attributes) and bring synergy to Warframe and Operator gameplay. While we believe we’ve achieved that, there’s still very understandable feedback surrounding the “survivability of Operators” in higher level combat (most noticeable in the Zariman gameplay). It’s unfair to put players in scenarios where Operator gameplay is required, but not provide a general base bump to their survivability. 

All that being said, we have made a few changes to provide this bump:

  • Increased Operator base Health from 250 to 350.
  • Increased Operator base Armor from 25 to 75.
  • Added 350 base Shields to Operator.
    • Shield Gating now applies to Operators, giving you a strategic moment to Transfer back to Warframe, recover in Void Mode, or tough it out!
  • Added +200% Armor to Enduring Tides. Changed to be a “stacking” modifier instead of “multiplicative” to match math logic used for other buffs, while not making additional Health/Armor increases scale further than desired.
  • Increased Magus Vigor to +600 Health.
  • Increased Magus Husk to +250 Armor.

To recap, we’ve changed the math behind Enduring Tides, raised the floor on Operator survivability overall, and provided some buffs to Magus Vigor/Husk. We’ll be watching for further feedback on these changes!

General Operator & Focus Changes & Fixes: 

  • Reduced the slight Field of View shift when using Void Sling from 0.5 to 0.2 to address reports of base Field of View inducing nausea. Additionally, when Camera Shake is disabled the Field of View shift on Void Sling is removed. 
  • Fixed Unairu’s Magnetic Flare being able to completely strip Profit-Taker’s shields in one cast.
    • Applied the same logic with Magnetic Flare that is used for other bosses (Eidolons and Ropalolyst for example), since completely stripping Shields in a single Magnetic Flare cast removes a large portion of certain gameplay mechanics in these fights. 
  • Fixed Madurai’s ‘Power Transfer’ effects not refreshing when re-triggered while active.
  • This also fixes the HUD stating that it was refreshed, when it was indeed not. 
  • Fixed Xaku being unable to cast the Vast Untime if they have no Energy available while Inner Might is active. 


  • Lowered the difficulty of the Void Cascade mission in the Angels of the Zariman quest:
  • Reduced the Thrax units max Health. 
  • Reduced the Thrax units max Overguard. 
  • Reduced the Thrax units Armor. 
  • Lowered enemy count. 
  • As we have continued to review feedback, there has been a continuation of difficulty feedback during portions of the quest. While the quest may be easy to complete for some, we want to find accommodations for those who have been struggling to move past certain stages. 
  • Added a popup before beginning the Angels of the Zariman quest to prepare player for what's up ahead based on several conditions:
  • General: “The Operator/[Spoiler] will face tough challenges aboard the Zariman, make sure they are as ready as possible.” 
  • If the player has Focus Points: “You have enough Focus to unlock additional Focus nodes.” 
  • If the player has the Mote Amp equipped: “You have a Mote Amp equipped. Consider equipping a stronger Amp, such as the Sirocco.” 
  • Reduced the number of Eximus spawns in the Mastery Rank 27 test. 
  • With the Eximus changes in the Angels of the Zariman update, the test was reported to be rather difficult to complete.
  • Adjusted how black colors appear on the Warframe Voidshell Skins with certain Material Structures equipped. 
  • Selecting black for all color slots while using any mix of the Oxium Gloss, Crimzian Opulence, Gleaming Alloy, Smooth Salvage, Titanium Sheen, and Zetki Quality Material Structures caused the Warframe to disappear into nothing but a shadow silhouette and crushing details (could essentially play “Who’s that Warframe”).




  • Slightly increased the Riven Sliver drop chance from Eximus units in non-Steel Path missions.
  • Disabled the context action from the Melica Console in the Crysalith. 
  • Added custom icon for the ‘Incarnon Challenges’ category in the in-mission Challenge Progress window. 
  • Orokin Drones Eximus units will now only choose between Health Leech and Energy Leech Eximus variants. 
    • These units do not have attack animations, and therefore made it impossible to telegraph their Eximus powered attacks.
  • Zariman Syndicate rank up dialogue has been reassigned to the ‘Speech Volume’ slider in the Audio options. 
    • This also fixes their dialogue being muted if players had the ‘Transmission Slider’ turned down. 

Zariman Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Decreased the required amount of Vitoplast Globules needed in the ‘Collect X Vitoplast Globules’ Zariman Bounty challenges from 100/150/250 to 75/100/200 and ‘Collect X Large Vitoplast Globules’ from 5/10/15/20 to 4/6/8/10.
  • Potential fixes towards Thrax units not spawning. As reported here:
  • More fixes towards Void Flood rewards not being given to Clients. 
  • Fixed Void Manifestations at times retaining invincibility after destroying Orbs.  
  • Fixed loss of functionality when Client rapidly transfers back to Warframe after getting impaled by Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed Acolytes spawning in Zariman bounties after completing a Steel Path Zariman mission beforehand. 
  • Fixed crash related to the Void Manifestations ground spike ability on Host migration.  
  • Fixed crash when starting a Bounty with the ‘Complete Mission Without Abilities’ Zariman Bounty challenge. 
  • Fixed Thrax unit not matching enemy levels. 
  • Fixed lingering FX from Void Manifestation arena after Operator dies within it. 
  • Fixing Host exiting the Void Manifestation arena causing the FX to be removed for Clients.
  • Fixed cases where mission objectives in Void Armageddon would not update.  
  • Fixed Zariman Bounties rewards not appearing in the public drop tables. 
  • Fixed there being no UI element in multiple in-mission screens not indicating which Zariman mission you are playing. 
  • Fixed more script errors related to Thrax enemies in Void Cascade and Flood missions. 
  • Fixed script error in the Void Cascade and Flood missions.


  • Fixed Ivara’s Prowl applying to Thrax units in between their physical and Void states. 
    • Looting abilities no longer apply to Thrax units - similarly to Acolytes. 
  • Fixed Energy Leech Eximus doing double the effect on Clients. 
  • Fixed the new Arcanes from the Angels of the Zariman update all displaying as ‘Common’ in the mission progress screen, regardless of their actual rarity. 
  • Fixed the globe light at the end of the Angels of the Zariman quest popping out when near the edge of the screen. 
  • Fixed the Focus Represent shop not updating your available balance in the UI after making a purchase. 
  • Fixed issue with how the Steel Path Zariman emote icon appeared. 
  • Fixed UI theme customizations not applying to the Operator Appearance UI. 
  • Fixed losing the ability to cast any Warframe abilities for the rest of the mission after jumping onto Yareli’s Merulina when you jump into the Void Manifestation arena. 
  • Fixed being unable to spawn the Demolisher Machinist in the Simulacrum despite it being fully unlocked in the Codex.
  • Fixed the Rank 5 greeting transmission playing at Rank 3 for the Zariman Syndicate.
  • Fixed a spike on Garuda's Ephemera that lacked symmetry. As reported here:
  • Fixed a certain Globe Light in the Zariman tileset missing a context action description. 
  • Fixed Khora’s Venari missing a description. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by killing a Derivator Crewman right as it starts casting its ability. 
  • Fixed crash related to the FX on the Javlok. 
  • Fixed script error related to enemy spawns in the Corpus Gas City tileset. 
  • Fixed script error in the Deadlock Protocol quest. 
Edited by [DE]Danielle
Edited Vitoplast fix note
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Why do Eximus ignore Line of Sight for their abilities? I thought the whole point of the rework was to address the unfun "find the hidden eximus" gameplay, why am I getting bombarded by Energy Leech bubbles while in a seperate enclosed space?

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Posted (edited)
Il y a 14 heures, (NSW)Vicghost a dit :

Why do Eximus ignore Line of Sight for their abilities? I thought the whole point of the rework was to address the unfun "find the hidden eximus" gameplay, why am I getting bombarded by Energy Leech bubbles while in a seperate enclosed space?

That's my main problem along with the fire eximus that seems to hit me even behind covers. 

Apart from that I love the changes to operator/spoiler survivability! 

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I posted this under the subforum for the Angel of Zariman bugs, but maybe here there's a better chance to be read. I think the hood of the voidshell operator outfit is missing, who knows, maybe it is intended to be like that, but it's called a hood and so far the hoods have an open version, using the open hood just make it disappear and the neck area of the suit seems to be designed to have an extra piece attached.

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