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Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.5


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Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix 31.5.5


We’re back with our second Hotfix of the week as the team progresses through reports. Additionally, we’re working towards addressing some bigger feedback areas with our week's worth of findings - more info to share soon.


Angels of the Zariman Quest Changes & Fixes: 

  • Adjusted the Void Cascade mission objectives to start when players kill the first Thrax occupying an Exolizer. 

  • Added objective kill marker, tutorial text popup, and transmissions to better explain mission objectives in Void Cascade.  

    • Specifically “Kill the Thrax”. 

  • The tutorial message about depositing Vitoplast will now appear much sooner after the first Void Rupture becomes active in the Void Flood mission.  

  • The following Void Cascade conditions are now the only ones that will occur in the quest mission:

    • Shield Drain 

    • Enemies have added Heat damage

    • Boarding squad

  • Improved mission flow in the Void Cascade mission. 

  • Reduced enemy counts for the first two Void Ruptures in the Void Flood mission. It will now ramp up slowly over time and Eximus units will only spawn after the first Void Rupture has been closed. 

  • Fixed missing transmissions for when an Exolizer spawns in Void Cascade mission. 

  • Fixed the objective marker in the Void Flood mission appearing during intro transmission. 

    • It will now appear after this key transmission has finished playing.

  • Fixed being able to bypass pop-up messages introduced in Hotfix 31.5.5 by starting the Angels of the Zariman quest from Navigation. 


Zariman Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Void Flood Fixes: 

    • The optional Extraction marker now displays for less time at each rotation. 

    • Fixed “Return to the Chrysalith” message lingering on screen indefinitely after the mission ends. 

    • Fixed objective A not appearing until the intro transmissions have finished.

      • This also fixes the objective popping in at an empty location with a marker and causing an awkward pause in gameplay. 

    • Fixed extraction transmission playing after the next Round’s A marker appears in Void Flood missions.

      • This should help some confusion on extraction availability before the next Round begins on longer endless runs. 

  • Void Cascade Fixes:

    • Fixed Exolizer progression marker lingering with full bar after it disappears in Void Cascade missions. 

  • Fixes towards enemies not spawning properly if you Host migrate before fully connecting/loading into Zariman missions from the Chrysalith (and all other open landscapes). 

  • Fixed Zariman missions (including Bounties) at times auto-completing and on consecutive runs. 

  • Fixed Thrax enemies being able to activate any interactables in Zariman missions, which would disable them for players. 

  • Fixed crash related to Thrax Centurions. 

  • Fixed script error with Void Manifestation ground spike ability. 

  • More fixes towards script errors related to Thrax enemy spawns. 

  • Fixed a script error with the inactive Void Manifestations spawns.

  • Fixed a script error in Void Armageddon missions. 



  • Added a daily refresh indicator to Syndicate screens (anywhere where there is an ‘X remaining’ indicator).

  • Added ‘None’ icon to all of the None options in the Operator UI lists in the Orbiter. 

  • Entrati Syndicate rank up dialogue has been reassigned to the ‘Speech Volume’ slider in the Audio options. 

    • This also fixes their dialogue being muted if players had the ‘Transmission Slider’ turned down. 



  • Fixes towards being unable to matchmake with other players in any open landscape mission (Bounties included). 

  • Fixed being unable to individually extract from endless missions (excluding the new Zariman mission types, stay tuned for possible add!). 

  • Fixed case where Focus points were being consumed to purchase Teshin’s 10,000 x Kuva Steel Path Honors. 

    • This also prevented you from making the purchase if you didn’t have the right kind of Focus points. A script will be run to refund Focus points for anyone who purchased Kuva from Teshin between the launch of the Angels of the Zariman update and this hotfix. 

    • A script has been run (on all platforms) to refund Focus points for anyone who purchased Kuva from Teshin between the launch of the Angels of the Zariman update and this hotfix. 

  • Fixed the Plexus opened from the Orbiter not maintaining the mod equipped in the 8th slot after closing and re-opening screen. 

  • Fixed players being unable to change their highlighted ability while sprinting as Operator while using controller. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1306330-can%E2%80%99t-highlight-back-fourth-abilites-while-running-n-operator-form/

  • Fixed Synth Charge’s effects applying to the Laetum’s Incarnon Transmutation by 200% for the full duration if you transmute it with only one bullet left in the magazine. 

  • Fixed Energy Leech Eximus hazard FX and sound not working properly for Clients. 

  • Fixed being unable to trigger Transmutation on Incarnon weapons with alt-fire/heavy attack after Host migration. 

  • Fixed dying before cinematic in final stages of The New War quest causing you to be unable to proceed. 

    • This also fixes being able to receive damage if you happen to be playing as Operator when that cinematic starts, which would ultimately break the cinematic.

  • Fixed holding Garuda’s Dread Mirror to charge the damage of her blood ball consuming Energy, but not increasing damage.

  • Fixed Gyre Rotorswell lightning strike cooldown being permanently decreased in certain cases when the electric arcs chain to other enemies.

    • This potentially also fixes Cathode Grace randomly disabling itself - please let us know if this issue continues post-Hotfix. 

  • Fixed Range Advantage’s buff only applying when enemies are within 15 meters instead of 10 meters and only increases damage by 250% instead of 300% (at max Rank) as intended. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1305004-range-advantage-mod-requires-higher-enemy-distance-than-listed/?ct=1651152297

  • Fixed the Sevagoth’s Shadow Skin and Helmet stating in its description that it “is a cosmetic for an item which you do not own” when you do in-fact own it.

  • Fixed the Credits looted HUD tracker not updating while playing as Operator in Orb Vallis Assassinate Bounties. 

    • It used to only add the Credits collected once you transferred back to your Warframe, but it will now take into account the Credits picked up as Operator. 

  • Fixed the Derivator Crewman’s backpack not vanishing on death. 

  • Fixed Atlas’ Path of Statues Augment trail FX not being visible.

  • Fixed lingering mentions of ‘Void Dash’ to the new ‘Void Sling’. 

  • Fixed crash related to Thrall spawning into a mission. 

  • Fixing audio ducking while aiming with a Fishing Spear if you melee in between aiming. 

  • Fixed script error with Assassinate Bounties in the Orb Vallis. 

  • Fixed script error related to the Gas City tileset lab puzzles.

  • Fixed script error related to the Kavat Tek Mod set bonus effects.

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Thanks for even more bounty fixes. I hope some (script) fixes are for the not working elevator and secondary mission targets.

I hope a faster void sling (or return of void dash), removal of the transference cd and an eximus overshield revisit are going to be part of bigger feedback changes.
A total CC immunity makes many CC frames almost unplayable and is a big incentive to just join the "tank frame + aoe weapon" meta.


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2 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

This also prevented you from making the purchase if you didn’t have the right kind of Focus points. A script will be run to refund Focus points for anyone who purchased Kuva from Teshin between the launch of the Angels of the Zariman update and this hotfix. 

I successfully purchased 1 million kuva from that dude. What did I accidentally lose without knowing?

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Are there no plans to “fix” Supra Vandal’s textures? Becuase it has the same fun thing that the Volt Voidshell had, where it looks like a void when it’s all black.


Edit: I’m not actually asking for you to destroy the Vandal textures too, I just want my Vantablack Volt back.

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void sling is awful. 

I miss being able to void dash in every direction. void sling is limited to forward only, can you give us a real reason as to why void dashing was nerfed so badly? 

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Can you look into giving Yareli a rework? she's beyond useless

Khora Urushu heels are still broken after more than 1 year of reports?

CC frames are still useless because overguard CC immunity still exists

Void Sling is still a downgraded void dash and there's still transference delay

Eidolon clock still broken

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1 minute ago, Azure.Fang said:

Still no fix for host being locked in elevator and unable to extract on Zariman missions and losing all rewards, even as the rest of the squad extracts and gets rewards? Or for mull-team extract failures?


We're currently investigating this issue.

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No fix for being unable to extract in zariman bounties? I literally just had 2 back to back cascade bounties where no one could extract. Also revert the voidshell black change from last hotfix, and the nerf of looting frames for angels/thrax. Literally no one asked for these changes, It's good to encourage people not just just spam wukong every mission.

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