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Star Chart Dojo Showcase - Spring 2022

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1. FeaturedDojo_1080p.jpg

What Are Showcased Dojos?

Every month, a new set of Dojos appears on the Star Chart for all Tenno to visit! The Warframe team selects these Dojos based on designs shared in this quarterly event. Share your Dojo with us and it could be next to receive a place of honor on the Star Chart!

There are two submission categories: Star Chart Ascendant and Star Chart All Stars. Read on for more details!

Guest Judge, Cion joins us to select this round of Star Chart Dojos. Cion is a Nintendo Switch Tenno who’s especially active in the Dojo community. His designs have been showcased on the Star Chart with his Clan, Clockworks!

Star Chart Ascendant Category

The original category, based on the Featured Dojo Contest of the past three years. In this category, Dojos that have never been showcased on the Star Chart are given priority.

There will be three winners selected per Clan tier per platform

  • PC: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon x 3
  • PS: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon x 3
  • XB: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon x 3
  • Switch: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon x 3

Star Chart All Stars Category

Clan Tier does not apply to this category. All Dojos compete based on designs alone. By submitting a Dojo that has been on the Star Chart in the past, your submission is automatically included in both the Star Chart Ascendant category and the Star Chart All Stars category.

There will be one winner per platform:

  • PC: Any Clan Tier
  • PS: Any Clan Tier
  • XB: Any Clan Tier
  • Switch: Any Clan Tier

Each Clan can only win in the Star Chart All Stars category one time, but there’s no limit to the number of times Clans can win in the Star Chart Ascendant category. Feel free to submit to future rounds!

2. SectionHeader_Submissions.png

How to Enter

Take us on a tour of your Dojo here in the official contest thread! You may choose to submit images, a video, or both. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Images: Maximum 10 images. Show us your Dojo’s best! We recommend uploading images to a host website like Imgur and sharing the link.
  • Video: Maximum 3 minutes long. We recommend uploading video to a host website like YouTube and sharing the link.

You must include the following information with your submission:

  • Clan name
  • Clan tier
  • Clan platform
  • Your Clan role (Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions)

Please keep in mind that, if your Dojo is selected, all players will be able to access your Clan Dojo while it is on the Star Chart!

3. SectionHeader_Prizes.jpg

Star Chart Ascendants receive the bronze, silver, or gold contest trophy and massive stockpiles of resources! The number of Resources awarded to each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Dojo is determined by Clan size. 

Star Chart All Stars receive the platinum contest trophy and 3 months featured on the Star Chart.

Would You Like to See an Example of a Submission? 👇


Clan name: Hungry Ninja

Clan tier: Shadow

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Founding Warlord

1. Garden of Giants – They’re peaceful.


1. Garden of Giants.PNG

2. The Waltzing Kubrow Pub – Relax and chat with your clanmates.


2. Waltzing Kubrow.PNG

3. Floating Homes – Watch your step!


3. Floating Homes.PNG

4. Infested Super Slide – Enjoy the ride!


4. Infested Super Slide.PNG

5. Loki Sauna – The café upstairs is open! Enjoy a warm meal after some relaxation in the sauna.


5. Loki Sauna.PNG

6. Greenhouse – The Origin System is full of unique plant life! So much botanical research to conduct, so little time.


6. Greenhouse.PNG

7. Treasury Garden – Thank you, clanmates, for your donations!


7. Treasury Garden.PNG

8. Spawn & Trade – It all started in this room.


8. Spawn Room.PNG

9. Fairy Falls – Our Dojo’s earliest garden.


9. Fairy Falls.PNG

10. Dry Dock – Safe travels, Tenno.


10. Dry Dock.PNG

Our Dojo includes these rooms and so much more! Please come for a visit to see our Octavia Dance Club, Gift Shop, Infested Research Lab, Dry Dock Break Room, many other rooms, and the fully customized hallways that connect them all.

4. SectionHeader_Rules.png

Rules for Submissions

  • One submission per Clan
  • Must list your Clan’s name, tier, and platform with your entry
  • Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions for the Clan whose Dojo you submit
  • Must not exceed 10 images
  • Video tours must not exceed 3 minutes
  • Dojo theme and presentation must be appropriate for the community forums
  • Write your submission in whatever language is most comfortable to you! Make sure, however, it is posted here in the official English contest thread. Submissions posted elsewhere won’t be seen.
  • Do not reserve spots in the official contest thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

Rules for Dojos Selected for the Star Chart

Given the number of players who will visit, we have a different standard for content in Dojos showcased on the Star Chart than we do for Dojos that aren't open to everyone. We may ask selected Clans to make small changes to their Dojos for the time they are featured based on the following:

  • Nothing vulgar or offensive can be included in Dojos while they are featured on the Star Chart.
  • Star Chart Ascendants cannot change their Clan Tier until after their Clan Dojo has been featured on the Star Chart.
    • This rule does not apply to Star Chart All Stars, because Clan Tier does not affect their selection process.
  • Clans who disregard these rules while their Dojo is on the Star Chart will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart. If deemed necessary, increased disciplinary action will also be taken.

This round of Dojos will occupy the Star Chart for the months of June, July, and August 2022.

  • Star Chart Ascendant Dojos will be showcased for one month each.
  • The Star Chart All Star of each platform will be showcased for all three months.

5. SectionHeader_Winners.png

How We Select Dojos

Phase 1: After submissions close, a group of Warframe Community Team members and the round’s Guest Judge will take one week to review all submissions. This process includes:

  1. Organizing all submissions by contest category, Clan Tier, and platform. Star Chart Ascendant submissions only compete with Dojos that share their Clan Tier and platform. Repeat submissions are automatically included in the Star Chart All Stars category, where submissions only compete with Dojos that share their platform but Clan Tiers are not considered.
  2. Confirming submissions obeyed the rules listed above.

Phase 2: Once preparations are complete, the selection process begins! We begin by narrowing down submissions to top submissions. The team looks for two traits above all in this process: creativity and quality.

  • Creativity: We love unique designs! Some examples of rooms that blew us away in the past are fully stocked libraries, train stations, arcades, and pirate ships. Whether your decorating style focuses on small details or big structures, we appreciate the creativity you put into your work.
  • Quality: Only filling a room with decorations will not secure your victory when there’s stiff competition! Be thoughtful about how you choose to place decorations. The best Dojos we’ve seen have conveyed stories and themes. Make the decorations your own!

Phase 3: Community Team members and the Guest Judge will closely review and compare top submissions a second time to select those that will be featured on the Star Chart. During this stage of the process, additional factors are considered:

  • The number of times the Dojo has been showcased on the Star Chart. Dojos that have never been showcased are given priority in the Star Chart Ascendant category. Dojos that have been selected as Star Chart All Stars in the past are not eligible to be selected for that category again.
  • In the Star Chart Ascendant category, if a higher Clan tier category (Mountain or Moon) has only received repeat submissions, we consider giving a larger tier Clan’s slot to a smaller Clan (Ghost, Shadow, or Storm). We do this to account for the difference in the number of submissions we receive in smaller tier categories compared to larger tier categories. From 2018 - 2020, we received 367 larger tier submissions compared to 1,685 smaller tier submissions.

Large structures are impressive, but keep in mind that small details set winning submissions apart from top submissions. Focus on creating an immersive atmosphere with details we can’t ignore. Make your Dojo a testament to your unique Clan!

Seeking inspiration? Here’s advice from architects whose Dojos have been showcased on the Star Chart!

6. SectionHeader_DojoWinnersAdvice.jpg

Winners will be announced on May 26 during our community live stream at twitch.tv/warframe

This contest starts now until Thursday, May 19 @ 1:00PM ET

All players from PC, XBOX, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch can participate!

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Levin Keep
Ghost Clan | PC
Warlord, Architect

Image Submission:




Hedron Chamber


Slide 42 - "Temple"



The Foundation


Vallis Cave


The Board


Twisted Corridor


Twisted Passage


The Hiss



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I accidentally posted before I had completed adding images S(ㅇㅅㅇ)z
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Clan Name: Warframe Businessmen
Clan Tier: Shadow
Clan Platform: PC
Clan Role: Founding Warlord 

Dojo Video Tour













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Clan Name: - Black Paper -

Clan Tier: Ghost Clan

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Role: Founding Warlord


  • The dojo is easily explorable, it's not a hallway simulator with oversized (aka tables made for giants) obstacles, it isn't a grid of 10x10 large rooms with half of them empty, it's not a mess of elevators and warps all over the place. It's a simple square for the most part, functionality is key, decorations add imersion, not clutter, meaning you will also not find giant contraptions made from dozens of energy capacitors, conduits or orokin tech emitters.
  • It is meant to be a dojo 1st, not a maze, any player entering (new or old) can easily navigate (both by walking and by warping) without being lost, certain rooms may also include directions for points of interest like Railjack, rooms are also identified to better indicate what portion of the dojo you're in.
  • Rooms have been updated with the new decorations introduced recently in order to optimize capacity and overall look of the room, including the zariman ones, altough, not many atm.
  • While the dojo is heavily decorated, the goal is mainly to showcase clan members (and other players) what they played and achieved, each room is a trip down memory lane due to events and certain updates, as such we showcase the clan itself, a reflection of what we did.
  • While unintended, rooms are less prone to visual glitches (like unusual shadows) regardless of update, what you see is what you get.
  • Unlike many featured dojos, you will not enter empty rooms that signify you are in the wrong area of the dojo.
  • Dojo contains a unique sized tenet panel, likely the only one in all dojos and has been adapted into a screen to add imersion to the room.
  • We did not purchase (via favors, plat, patreon benefits) any sort of decoration service, the rooms resources and looks are done via it's clan members.
  • Likewise members of the clan are not responsible for decorating other featured dojos.
  • Video is outdated since rooms are updated on a weekly basis, concepts remain the same.
  • Also, dojo not visited by Rebbeca&Megan In previous contest
  Hide contents















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Clan Name: Prime Knights of Valor

Clan Tier: Ghost

Clan Platform: PS4/5

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

https://youtu.be/bqq9n7h_6OY  (Submission Video From Spring 2021 Dojo Contest - Won 2nd Place )

https://youtu.be/T4FvDJ0_6k4  (New Dojo Improvements and Updated Video) 1m 59 secs

Award Winning Dojo from Spring 2021 - 2nd Place. Looking for another win, hopefully 1st place.

Easy to Navigate with Signs and Teleporters. Please Come visit and enjoy Our Open World Enivorment.

Good Luck Fellow Tenno. 

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updated link
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Clan Name: SHOWGUNZ 
Clan Tier: Shadow
Clan Platform: XBOX
Clan Role: Founding Warlord 

Thanks for the opportunity! Pray you guys like it lol 

dojo music graphics design video done by Javii Gaijin











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Clan Name: Nightfall Gladiators

Clan Tier: Moon

Platform: PC

Clan Role : Supreme Gladiators (Architect)


Welcome to Nightfall Gladiators' Dojo Tour! We are one of the biggest and most active casual clan in Asia, SEA, and Oceania. Our vision is to make a homey, active, and welcoming clan for every members and Tenno community. For our Dojo, we take Japanese Zen Garden as our theme to match our vision and philosophy. There are no rooms left undecorated, even the connectors will bring you to the most peaceful and zen atmosphere which represents our clan's personality :) This post has a video and album attached below :)
Table of Contents:




Imgur Album : https://imgur.com/a/IgUtJ4t



Nightfall Zen Garden : Virtual Tour of Nightfall Gladiators Dojo

As the Architect, I build the three-floor dojo with a purpose. The Ground Floor is the face of the dojo, where you can find peaceful river, ascension shrine, trade posts, labs, observatory, the beautiful South Garden, and our Trophy museum. Our main garden also hosts the very first sculpture of a grand piano by our ancestor Supreme (previous clan supervisor) as memorial for their magnificent work.

The Upper Floor is where things get exciting. The pavillion (Pauvillion) for tennos to chill, Higure Garden Restaurant for them to hang out and chit-chat between missions, and the Twin Gardens. Nightfall dojo is protected by two deities, Katsuen Goddess of Spring and Dokomo God of Autumn. Every start of the Spring/Autumn, the bell will be rang by appointed Tenno. Beyond each respective garden, you will meet the Twin Shrines, where tennos may pay respect to both of the deities.

Katsuen is accompanied by dragons as her guardian. Beyond the shrine, you'll be greeted by Atshimizna, the guardian dragon descended from the sky and dwell in the sacred tree.

Dokomo is accompanied by turtles as his guardian, however, you have to wait until autumn to see his full glory. Beyond the door you'll find the remains of Watatsumi, the ancient dragon of the sea. His soul dwells in the bright glowing tree, and Tennos build the shrine for its remaining claw on the second floor.

"Standing on the shoulders of giants" - Nightfall would never be the clan as we are today without the amazing people along the way. our Lower Floor is dedicated to honor people who made Nightfall as we are today, starting from the reversed season hall (Winter, Autumn, Summer Spring) symbolizing the reverse of time where it all begin. You'll be greeted by the Nightfall History Museum, followed by the Staff Assembly (our amazing team who keep the clan running!), Supreme Ancestor Garden (memorial of past leaders) and the Contributor's Garden which is blessed by our spring goddess Katsuen.

.....but that's not all!
The Dojo isn't complete with our newest room, The Minka House. It's an exhibition of our shadow arts, consisting of seven immersive shadow arts (including the adaptation of legendary The Great Wave Off Kanazawa by Hokusai (1831)!) The album can be viewed here:



Thank you for reading!

Credits and Acknowledgements:
- -CG-Squiddy : Gladiators Clan Family Owner and Leader
- FrostfangX and -NG-kunaon : Nightfall Gladiators Supremes
- Nightfall Head Gladiators
- Nightfall members
- Dizzzy12 for his awesome shadow art tutorial <3

 Music: Zen Garden by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/

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Clan Name: Dexa Klan

Clan Tier: Shadow

Platform: PC

Clan Role : Dexa Leader ( Founding Warlord )

 Hello Everyone.


  Dexa Klan was founded with the purpose of creating a Great citadel of all Dexa members, However....

Over the days we find the talent of our members to develop impressive designs and we want to show it this year to all the players of this community.  Currently our dojo has many rooms with varied themes, for example; Hunhow vs  Void eater, The Invasion of the Void to the dry dock, The Millennium Falcon from Hand Solo (Star Wars) in our main hall, The Gardens of EDEN, HOTEL DEXA and  more.


I hope you like our content as we will continue to expand the dojo with much more themes.

Special thanks to our Developer Architects:   
*WindingPiano31         /       The_Greywolf.
*CaraDepasa                /        KenseyPrime
*El_Dios_del_Abismo    /        Tribogi

Audio visual technicians

Graphic designer

Dexa Members :                 Alexrev7
IGilgamesl                            Criti2211
Pato300                                MisterDrotex
DenisLp                                Fr3zhM3n.kom
Cavinha                               Gamerboyl
Shama_Kurukihime             animalito1000

Thank you.







 Vault CLan


Dry dock invasion


Void eater attacking  Dyr Dock


The Old war - Hunhow vs Void eater


"I am Hunhow. Sentient destroyer of worlds"


Dexa´s Main Room


Millenium Falcon (hand Solo Ship)






thank you all for watching us, we hope your support..


God bless you

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Clan Name: - Alenticularium

Clan Tier: Ghost Clan

Clan Platform: Nintendo Switch

Clan Role: Founding Warlord


Hi All,

Apologies for low quality video/images. The Switch is not great for capture of any kind!

Best of luck to everyone!
























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On 2022-05-07 at 4:50 AM, (XBOX)Javii Gaijin said:



Clan Name: SHOWGUNZ 
Clan Tier: Shadow
Clan Platform: XBOX
Clan Role: Founding Warlord 

Thanks for the opportunity! Pray you guys like it lol 

dojo music graphics design video done by Javii Gaijin











Very nice love everything about it.

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Posted (edited)


┌ C
lan name: Amaranthum
│ C
lan tier: Shadow
│ C
lan platform: PC
└ Y
our Clan role: Warlord, Architect


t is a joy for me to participate in this contest. It's with great pleasure that I show you my humble Dojo.
I wish you all good luck and inspiration for future work, Tenno! ♡(ミ ᵕ ﻌ ᵕ ミ)ノ


I want to say that this Dojo is my first experience. I have never been an architect or decorator before.
I decided to realize my first experience with the idea of creating a Dojo dedicated to nature. This style makes my stay in the clan cozier and warmer.
To make the Dojo seem complete, all rooms and corridors are decorated in this style. We don't have themed rooms like the Grineer style room or the Corpus style room, but in the future I would like to do something similar, keeping in mind the main style of our Dojo - nature.
Of course, in the future, I would like to decorate the Dojo with beautiful sculptures made by myself. I do not think that these sculptures will be of a huge scale, because I like minimalism and modesty.
I hope you enjoy our Dojo. I decorate Dojo with sincerity and love! ╰༼ ◔ω◔ ╰ ༽ ♥ /~・゚


I'm not happy about this video because I could have done better, but I decided not to touch anything and leave it as it is.



his is one of the main places in our Dojo. Here players can trade and go to other locations. It's the heart of the first floor. In fact, this is my first room in my life that I decorated in Warframe. It was very nice when people I didn't know told me that I had a cute Dojo.




This is our second Atrium, which is located on the second Shadowmoon floor of the Dojo. There are only a couple of rooms on this floor, which I will build in the future, but even now you can see in what style it will be done.




This is one of the observatories in our Dojo. It's made in the same style as the Moonlight Atrium and other locations. I absolutely love the idea of unity with nature, so all Dojo and the theme of our clan is dedicated to nature!







n this location there is an opportunity to be inspired by the beauty of the unknown fog. Also, here you can go to other locations - laboratories. By the way, this room can be used as a spawn room, because there is a Vault and a Trading Post.




nfortunately, the pictures do not convey the full meaning and beauty of this location. This is another Tenno spawn location, which is located in the forest. Also, all six laboratories and one Observatory are located here.




Edited by shulfeya
i changed the names of the rooms and added another room. also, i added a description of the rooms.
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Clan Name: Dracolich Imperium

Clan Tier: Shadow

Clan Platform: Xbox

Your Clan Role: Founding Warlord

It's phenomenal to finally be able to partake in this contest.

Link To Images: https://imgur.com/a/DeprjIl


Sentient and Underwater Observatory View Towards The OutsideN6c9JvM.png


Sentient and Underwater Observatory Entranceip6JTtt.png

Vault and Trade Chamber5jwfvUf.png

Temple Of Ayatan 


Noggle Repair Shop


Chamber Of Commerce 


Infested Bio Lab


Art Gallery 



Orb Vallis Dry Dock



The Oracle Room 







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