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Red Ribbon Army Clan is Recruiting!

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Greetings fellow Warframe enjoyer, are you looking for a switch clan? Check out Red Ribbon Army and reach out here, on discord, or on twitch if you are interested.


About the Clan:
Based out of West-NA, Red Ribbon Army is an English speaking, discord-oriented Shadow Clan focused on developing its players by connecting them. Players from any region are welcome. One of our main clan goals is to unite players of various experience levels to help each other tackle challenges and advance, all while having a great time doing it. Members enjoy access to a stylishly functional Dojo, a near-complete research bay, and a dedicated clan discord server. We have a clan emblem currently processing to be added in game.

*Clan and discord policies will be included at end of post for those interested.

We are seeking:

·       Experienced players to run advanced missions (such as Eidolon Hunts or Iso Vaults), help newer players advance, or both.


·       Active new players looking to grow.


·       Any player who loves Warframe and wants to take part in a great clan.


Available Roles:

1.     Staff Officer- Serves as a Moderator in the clan discord, cuts inactive players from the in-game roster, and recruit players according to clan need.


2.     Head Decorator- Decorates and coordinates with others to decorate rooms according to themes determined by the Warlord.


3.     Ambassador- An experienced player to advise others on how to do anything and  everything Warframe. A clan Guru.



Discord Server
R.R. Warlord Stream




Clan Goals:

1.     Developing new players by providing access to research and higher level players who can teach them about the game.

2.     Providing a stylish, function focused, fun Dojo for members to enjoy and decorate.


3.     Building a social community of switch Warframe players connected via a discord hub.

Laws of the Red Ribbon Army:

#1 Read all the rules! Have fun! We are here to have a good time!

#2 No Politics, Religion, or Social Issues Discussion in our gaming zone. Discussion of game developers decisions and industry related news is fine as long as it doesn't devolve into a discussion focused on these categories.

#3 No personal attacks. You can attack a bad argument with logic without having to launch insults, so please do that. Honest discussion and arguments leads to a better understanding for all.

#4 Report any perceived harassment or rules violations to a MOD and avoid interacting with the situation further. MODs will take actions based on their judgment of the situation.

#5 Do not post intensely vulgar or any sexual content. There are plenty of places in Discord where these activities are acceptable. Don't bring it here.

#6 Do not promote for other discord servers or clans without permission.

Red Ribbon Clan Policies:

Player Activity Policy: Players that accumulate two weeks (14 days) of inactivity may be removed from the clan in-game but will remain a member of the discord server. Players may rejoin at any time. This policy is to ensure that active players have access to the clan benefits in game and that inactive players don't act as dead weight to the active clan. To rejoin at any time contact a soldier or higher rank member in the clan. It is a design feature that you can join and remain in the clan Discord even if you are booted from the in-game clan for inactivity.

Mastery Rank Policy: There is no Mastery Rank Requirement to join Red Ribbon Army.

Voice Chat Policy: You are NOT required to have voice chatting capabilities to join Red Ribbon Army. You may be required to join a voice channel in order to partake in some clan activities being organized and run through voice chat.

Witnessing Violations Policy: If you witness a rules violation you are encouraged to let the violator know which rule they are breaking and ask them to stop. If they do not cease, report the situation to a MOD for resolution.

Clan Tax: The clan tax is in place for two reasons:

#1 Data- Warlords can check a players contributions in order to see if they have accessed the dojo and traded.

#2 The tax exists partially so everyone benefiting from the clan is contributing in some way (even if it's a token).

Tax is set low in order to avoid being prohibitive or burdensome. Clan Tax collected on credits are deposited in the Clan Vault and are used to fund new rooms and projects.

Philosophy on Purchases: It is up to each player to decide how to spend their resources. While some bundles and purchases may have differing perceived value, it is never okay to shame a player for making a purchase. We should seek to help people make the best and most efficient decisions for themselves but at the end of the day, their choice is theirs and this should be respected. Any person who buys into Warframe should be thanked for helping support the continuity of the game we all enjoy.

No begging for items: Players are free to gift each other things or post trade requests in the trading-post. If you want to give away an item post it in the giving-tree channel.

Contributions and Donations: In the Vault room you can donate resources and decorations to the clan via the kiosk. You may view any players clan contributions in the menu under communications>clan then selecting a player name and "view contributions." Contributions are the sum total of all taxes paid, resources given, and decorations donated and may be used for contests or events.

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