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(NSW) Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #6

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(NSW) Angels of the Zariman: Hotfix #6

Happy Monday, Tenno! Today’s hotfix addresses some high priority bugs and brings with it some changes to Operators and Focus. This will tentatively be the last hotfix of this week as we look towards preparing for next week’s Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime Prime Vault launch. We will of course be monitoring tomorrow and over the weekend for any urgent issues and will be Hotfixing in those cases. Thank you! 

Operator & Focus Changes:
Another round of Community feedback has brought a handful of changes to Operators and the Focus School System. This time the focus (ar ar ar) is on the casting animation speed of certain Focus abilities and some minor changes to Void Sling. We are working on optimizing the base speed, duration, and animation in these Hotfixes. We are also doing code reviews for our next Update to review further tweaks (with an emphasis on Void Sling) - more on that very soon!

  • The following Focus abilities have had their casting animations replaced with a faster variant: 
    • Caustic Strike
    • Magnetic Flare
    • Void Snare
  • Shortened and increased the speed of the Void Levitation and Contamination Wave’s casting animation. 
  • Replaced the following Focus abilities’ casting animation with a faster variant that is also upper body only - which now allows for full movement while casting as opposed to staying stationary:
    • Guardian Shell
    • Temporal Drag
  • Void Sling Changes: 
    • Decreased the time it takes for Void Sling’s end point to reach its max distance. 
    • Increased the overall velocity of slinging to the end point. 
  • The ‘Abilities’ option from the pause menu can now be accessed when playing as Operator. 

Focus Fix: 

  • Fixed the incorrect values for Inner Might’s Energy cost when Ability Efficiency is not at 100% (equipping Blind Rage for example). 
    • For most warframe abilities this was a UI only bug, gameplay values were unaffected. But some really did end up with very wrong energy costs.

Zariman Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Made Zariman matchmaking more robust. 
    • Fixed players with public matchmaking turned on not matching into the same Bounty with each other. 
  • Updated Armaments UI to use seconds instead of percentage in Void Armageddon missions. 
  • Added more tutorial messages in the Angels of the Zariman quest Void Flood mission in regards to the Corruption level:
    • “Closing ruptures lowers the corruption meter.” 
    • “Keep the corruption meter low to avoid negative void complications.” 
  • Fixed cases of Void Flood Bounty “normal mission” rewards and round rewards not being awarded.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen when entering the Zariman elevator as Operator during Zariman Bounty.
    • This resulted in having to abort the mission in order to escape the confines of the Elevator. 
  • Fixed Void Manifestation HUD not showing to players who join a fight in progress. 
  • Fixed anti-Warframe bubble not working on Clients in Void Cascade missions. 
  • Fixed being unable to enter the Void Manifestation arena due to a delay on their health bar appearing. As reported here
  • Fixes towards the Zariman Bounties with the  "Kill X Grineer" Challenge ending up with Corpus enemies and vice versa. 
  • Fixed being unable to complete the “Complete mission without Abilities” Bounty in the Zariman Mobile Defense (The Greenway) due to a lack of extraction and other factors. As reported here:
  • Fixed some cases of extraction not enabling after Host migration in Void Armageddon missions. 
  • Possible fix for objective UI trackers sometimes being out of order in Void Flood Bounty missions. 


  • Added a cap to the number of Eximus units that can spawn in Endless mission types (this includes Survival, Void Flood, Void Armageddon, Void Cascade, Disruption, Zealoid Prelate, The Deadlock Protocol quest, and Rising Tide quest).
    • Previously, spawn scaling was uncapped. Now it scales by squad size to take into account solo players vs. squads. In other words, Eximus have the same % to spawn for each enemy, but once you hit the simultaneous Eximus cap no more will spawn until they are killed. Here is the breakdown for scaling spawn cap based on squad #s: 
      • Solo player = No more than 2 Eximus at a time (this is consistent with non-endless mission caps)
      • 2 player squad = 2 Eximus max at a time 
      • 3 player squad = 3 Eximus max at a time
      • 4 player squad = 4 Eximus max at a time
        • Survival Sorties are not affected by this change. 
  • Health and Energy Leech Eximus units will no longer create their leeching zones in places that are not in their line of sight. 
    • This was allowing them to attack through objects, now they will only create their leeching zones when they can see the target they are trying to attack. 


  • Fixed Ghoul Purge Bounties (and potentially others) failing at start. As originally PSA’d here:
  • Fixed Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm, Nekros Desecrate, and Khora's Pilfering Strangledome affecting Vitoplast drop amounts from enemies in Void Flood missions. 
    • This was the original design intention, as was mentioned in the pre-launch sponsored videos on Void Flood missions. Its core design encourages the use of your parkour skills as the primary way to collect scattered Vitoplast around the tileset, with enemy drops being secondary. 
  • Fixed Cascadia Overcharge’s Critical Chance buff applying to all weapons instead of just the Secondary, as intended. 
  • Fixed all Incarnon Evolutions that increase or reduce Critical/Status Chance not applying correctly. 
    • Previously, the base stats were not additive, which meant that they weren’t being applied in full. For example, the Phenmor’s Survivor’s Edge Evolution IV +10% Critical Chance +10 Status Chance was only applying a fraction of that percentage boost. They will now apply properly as described in its descriptions! 
  • Fixed the Laetum’s ‘Overwhelming Attrition’ Evolution perk activating from status DOTs inflicted by the weapon. 
    • This was in contradiction to its description and original design: “On Hit that is neither Critical nor applies a Status Effect: +400% damage for 20 seconds.” 
  • Fixed a noticeable seam in the torso/arm area of the Valkyr Carnivex Skin. 
  • Fixed Mesa’s Staggering Shield Augment mod chance to stagger enemies accumulating each time it's cast.
  • Fixed the wrong sound FX playing on Nova’s Antimatter when Inner Might’s charge is ready. 
  • Fixed Inaros’ Spectralyst Shadows created from Amalgam enemies not despawning. 
  • Fixed another case of Excalibur Umbra losing all function (and being unable to transference back to him) after being spiked by a Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed Inaros’ losing loss of function after being spiked by a Void Manifestation while Devouring. 
  • Fixed the Vasero Sehkara badges shifting position in an asymmetric way when equipped with shoulder armor. 
  • Fixed some duplicated Blitz/Volatile Eximus effects on Clients.
  • Fixed being able to sell Aeolak components for Ducats. 
  • Fixed Health and Leech FX and sounds not working properly for Clients. 
  • Fixed Zariman ghosts standing still indefinitely after Host migration. 
  • Fixed Operator missing facial customizations in the first cinematic of the Angels of the Zariman quest. 
  • Fixed all Focus School Sumdalis clipping through the Liset Prime Skin livery.
  • Fixed an issue with the reload sound FX for the Oscira skin.
  • Fixing Wisp and Titania’s animation sets not floating while having the Hespar equipped. 
  • Fixed crash when opening up the ‘Hire Railjack Crew Members’ window at Ticker in Fortuna. 
  • Fixed script error related to the Conclave team select interface. 
  • Fixed script error related to Volt’s Shock ability. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Alad V's Blinding Beam ability. 
  • Fixed potential script error when joining a mission in progress or Host migrating. 
  • Fixed missing sounds during the opening sequences in the Saya’s Vigil quest. 
  • Fixed potential script error when joining a mission in progress or Host migrating. 
  • Fixed Shawzin custom bindings not saving and reverting to default when using the Shawzin Emote on controller. 
  • Fixed script error related to Ivara’s Quiver. 

Missed notes from Hotfix #5: 

  • Added Focus node Modifiers to the Ability screen descriptions. 


  • Fixed case where Focus points were being consumed to purchase Teshin’s 10,000 x Kuva Steel Path Honors. 
    • This also prevented you from making the purchase if you didn’t have the right kind of Focus points. A script has been run (on all platforms) to refund Focus points for anyone who purchased Kuva from Teshin between the launch of the Angels of the Zariman update and this hotfix. 
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Posted (edited)
27 minutes ago, (NSW)AlbaDicentra said:

Still no fix for not being able to equip sigils on appearance slot A

I agree with this. There's that syndicate sigil issue and there is also a railjack Arsenal issue to where 1 of the mods equipped unequip when leaving the plexus menu too.

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Forgot some words
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- Still no fix for Vauban's Bastille needing energy to be collapsed.  

- Still no fix for Syndicate Sigils reverting and Plexus mod uninstalls itself.  

- Void Sling 'changes' makes it even harder to hit Angel's balls. Just revert it to Void Dash; every changes here is basically Void Sling reverting to Void Dash little by little.

You know what will be good? If players have access to BOTH Void Dash and Sling so they can choose which to use. With Void Dash you CANNOT miss the balls since if you failed you can just dash backward and retry, unlike Sling which requires you to rotate your camera while falling down.

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Posted (edited)

CC frames are still useless against overguard.

Operator is still useless against overguard (not enough damage).

If you wanted us to use only Meta DPS frames and Meta AOE weapons, nice you reached this goal with overguard scaling on high level enemies. It's much much harder to get rid of their overguard than to kill them once the overguard is out, sometimes it's just like they got more overguard points than shields and health points.

Please rebalance overguard scaling and change CC immunity into CC resistance .

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Posted (edited)

There are a few quick bugs I wanted to note, not sure whether they're already known or fix on PC;


  • When in the Plains or at Cetus, if you hold the - button to bring up the time remaining between day or night, it always shows "0s" remaining. I can try adding a picture of this in-game if needed, but I'm not the only one on the Switch who's seen this apparently.
  • I do have a screenshot of it working perfectly on the Nexus app however:



Similarly, whenever you check how much time is remaining until Night on the Navigation console in the Orbiter, it doesn't show the minutes remaining if there is more than an hour left, I think it's been like that for a long time in particular.

  • When checking notifications in the Star Chart, I think it also only shows the time remaining for boosters, etc. in hours, but without minutes depending on how many hours there are (I can try getting a screenshot of this in the future, might take some time though) I would have to double-check that to be sure.

I think it would really help if the time remaining could be clarified in-game like it is for the Nexus app; Perhaps that would also reduce any need for other ways of checking the time until Night.


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I forgot to finish re-writing one if the bullet points toward the end.
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