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Next Update Post-Angels of the Zariman

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1 hour ago, FSK41 said:

I dont care about the usual casual gameplay spamming bramma in exterminate, no matter what they do to eximus AOE will always stay meta, at best it will push a sidearm meta where holster a euphona or pyrana for one second to take out  the 1 or 2 leftover eximus and go on spamming AOE. 

that wont change much aside from being annoying to some people and slowing down missions.

I care about the endurance side of things and keeping eximus challenging as currently the usual gloom CC setup for example is dead for melee users, something I quite enjoy.  Not to mention countless other cheesy strats that are now pretty much dead for the broad public and bring some challenge aspect back into endurance for most people, I want to keep that no matter what or even advance on it.

Endurance has always been about minimizing inputs and shutting down enemies for hours at a time. Exterminate is played with the same mindset :facepalm:

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Posted (edited)

I have concerns about Ash, Ivara and Loki. If the eximus are able to auto target these frames with their abilities I just won't use them. The invisibility is the only thing that keeps them from dying over and over again. Often you just don see those units soon enough. You just die. That should be removed.

One more... The Kuva Guardians. Is there another way to strip their defense except Void slinging through them. Void blast is no more, right? 

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Void Sling has killed the one advantage that Operator truly had which was its fast gameplay and ninja feel and has drastically reduced my desire to actually *play* operator in missions, and Void Blast missing from the operator's ability lineup actually makes them feel less complete than from before the rework despite two new buttons to push. The rework did come with some nice ideas but the core gameplay feels worse. I hope that you consider returning these things from the old Operator.

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Should have made them immune to weapon damage and only affected by abilities. And by the way, we’re expanding the definition of what we consider weapons to include exalted weapons.

Could you imagine the outcry? Yeah, people playing ability-based frames feel the same way. 

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En 11/5/2022 a las 9:35, Vactro dijo:

The problem with full CC resistance is that is not real challenge. It only punishes a sector of the characters, squishy frames that relied on CC to survive. And those frames never were near the top of the most used list. Mesa, Wukong, Saryn, Inaros, Nezha, Rhino remain unbothered by this update while underutilized frames that already struggled to keep up are even in a worse position. The real problem of the AoE spam meta remains as is and the other options are punished. This just cements the death of CC even further because not being able to not even slow a hitscan enemy will result in a one hit death for a fragile Warframe. Meanwhile Wukong's clone keeps running around spamming a Kuva Bramma like nothing changed. This change wasn't good and it needs revision. It doesn't help to the health of the game and the meta and if nothing changes at least it will be proven with the end of year statistics.

This ^^^^^^

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I am a Average Frost Enjoyer, I use Xoris, a MR4 Weapon given to players for free.

If i have to give my opinion on Overguard as if I'm a giant close minded jerk it would be - Overguard is a damn joke, I still don't notice or feel Eximus units, just use AoE or some other big bongo damage thing and go wham, abilities are unreliable, weapon is forever!

If I have to be reasonable and do the same it would be - Overguard is a damn joke, meta slaves and people with powerful Arsenal do not feel anything different, while new players are forced to suffer.

Why new players suffer? Well you start the game with either Excalibur, Mag or Vold. Excalibur has Radial Blind - CC now ignored by Eximus. Mag has Pull, Magnetize and Crush - CC now ignored by Eximus. Volt has Shock and Discharge - CC now ignored by Eximus. All the starting frames have CC abilities. Back in the day i remember how often I used Radial Blind to stay alive, and I bet you many other new players do the exact same, because a broken Vitality mod is all they got to survive. I feel bad for Excal starters now, but even worse for Volt and Especially Mag starters..... Having 3/4ths of your kit just deal negligible damage to some extra HP bar and not CC relatively dangerous enemies must feel like crap.

DE wants to make Overguard challenging right? Hmm, then why not make it not rely on Damage numbers? Multi segment Damage Gated Overguard, like the Litch and Sister bars. Damage cannot Overflow and outright One Shot the unit that way. With ehp of Overguard scaling properly with level for each segment that will fix the "big bongo make enemy ded" problem. 

Face it DE that problem with One Shotting is Only emphasized by AoE weapons that can provide Jesus Damage in an area bigger than my house!

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I'm not worried about the Overguard because I use Phantasma a Mr 9 weapon to melt the Overshield, my concern is still with the spawn of the eximus, I went to do a lv 50 solo defense mission and 10 eximus appeared all together in a corridor with Nullifier bubbles and Arctic Eximus! While trying to kill one of them I was bombarded from all sides and died.It's been a long time since I noticed that the AI and spawning of mobs are buggy, sometimes several mobs appear all together in a hallway and stay there or sometimes walk facing the wall or stuck somewhere near a door!


PS: sorry for my bad english

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On 2022-05-11 at 9:54 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Additionally, we’re reviewing the possibility for new Operator Arcanes that have direct interactions with Overguard and are planning on adding an additional Arcane Slot for Amps.

As someone that has become jaded to reading so much corporate speak from game devs in general, this is all I can read when I see this:

"We wanted to incentivize operator gameplay and then we only ended up reinforcing the AOE DPS meta because no one actually ran the numbers on top end amp damage vs mid-high level enemies, so instead of fixing this mechanically, we are totally just going to introduce a 'delete overguard in .2 seconds' arcane bandaid that you guys can grind for and then call it good."

Because I would bet plat that this is going to happen.  Some kind of arcane that increases amp damage against overguard, has to be farmed from the new content they want everyone in, and just barely edges out top end weapon damage against overguard in most cases.  It will be basically mandatory to have in your new second amp slot if you currently don't have the damage on your weapons to deal with overguard, will be tradeable for obvious reasons, and will be the primary change in overguard mechanics.  I want to be wrong, but I will be utterly shocked if this isn't the case.

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Overgaurd needs the (^%$$ nerfed out of it.     Making enemies that are immune to warframe abilties or turn off warframe abilities is bullcrap.   Now your spreading it to all enemies??  Why do I even play this game anymore?    Nobody on dev team even plays this game not even the community team.   Its not fun.  


As far as Zariman bounties...  I wish Flood was a little easier.   The parkour orbs shouldnt disappear for teammates if you pass through them.  If player A picks up orbs in the air Player B should still be able to grab them to.   Enemeis should drop orbs and more of them.   

Armageddon is ok-ish but I dont like straggler enemies attacking the reliquary even though both defense targets are still alive.

Cascade gets crazy out of hand sometimes...  Most likely due to players.    But when you get 3-4 red exo-thingies you got no shot at stopping the meltdown.  


Oh!!   this sucks having it so buried in this thread/post but my biggest ask for Angels.....   Make all plumes/arcanes squad pick ups.   Also thrax/angel focus should be squad wide instead of affinity range.    This was already a problem before but Angels especially scatters squads to the wind.   Not being around for angels or thrax is not by choice,  people are either looking for plumes or someone is looking to hog the thrax/angels spawns for themselves for whatever reason.    The same reason the plumes should be shared are the same reasons arcane and focus should be to.       

But making those few resources shared by the whole entire squad would GREATLY improve Zariman bounties/missions!!!!

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9 hours ago, Do_High_Go said:

DE wants to make Overguard challenging right? Hmm, then why not make it not rely on Damage numbers? Multi segment Damage Gated Overguard, like the Litch and Sister bars. Damage cannot Overflow and outright One Shot the unit that way. With ehp of Overguard scaling properly with level for each segment that will fix the "big bongo make enemy ded" problem. 

I had this same thought.  1hp segments, with number of segments dependent on enemy level (with segments capped at like 4-5) and a very short damage gate in between them.  Basically something to waste player ammo if they're using a heavy AOE like a Bramma to balance those out without damage nerfs, and be something that gives the unit a baseline TTK without making them a damage sponge.  If you can oneshot the health bar, it would still take 6 hits (5 segments plus oneshotting the health bar.) to take one out, but it could be done quickly.  They could give back CC capabilities and have frame abilities affect them damage-wise, but improve them other ways.

To actually make the units matter, give them really, really strong passive anti-melee capabilities like damage retaliation or massive energy drain if you hit them with anything but ranged attacks, and then focus their offensive abiliities on buffing the surrounding units.  This makes them a priority because it makes the mobs around them much more dangerous.  Removing their OG segments would require multiple casts of single hit abilities, or longer for DOT abilities to tick them down, or eat up ammo on bigger guns with limited ammo.  Melee being risky forces you to expend resources or... use your operator, which would now work without any specific arcanes because you're removing health-gated segments that have a single hit for each.  The lower damage automatic weapons, or higher damage single target weapons would actually shine with these changes because you have plenty of ammo, and would go a short ways toward closing up the AOE meta.  No one wants to try to expend half their Bramma ammo on a single unit, so players would be incentivized to use a different weapon against these or face admittedly minor consequences.  

Rather than giving the enemy spammable abilities, the units could just provide a buff to surrounding units based on type.  Energy Leeches could give surrounding units chip damage against your energy pool, like 2-4% of your max per hit.  A toxin eximus providing even a tiny amount of toxin damage to the surrounding units would be cause for alarm since that damage bypasses shields.  They redid the look of the units so they're easier to pick out and prioritize.  Having them give buffs like this to any surrounding mobs would have them be a threat without having them be a boring, unbalanced damage sponge with immunity to everything.  They would do what was actually intended, and just cause them to be a priority target, rather than them being stupid hard for newer players and stupid easy for veteran players.  I personally barely even noticed them in the little playing I did to check the changes out, but I have a couple thousand hours in-mission, so they stood zero chance.

This cannot be a case of just lowering the amount of overguard health, or increasing amp damage.  The result will still be the same as it is now, or even less impactful.  There have to be actual mechanics involved if they want the units to matter.  

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49 minutes ago, (XBOX)TehChubbyDugan said:

I had this same thought.  1hp segments, with number of segments dependent on enemy level (with segments capped at like 4-5) and a very short damage gate in between them.

No no no. No 1 hp segments, that is silly. Lets say the damage gate is 0.2 seconds, people will instantly just take a gun with 5 or ideally 4.9 fire rate (intervals between bullets will be 0.211smth), and just aim and hold left click and it will drain the Overguard. It is too abusable, and people are not stupid, they will figure out the "cheeze" instantly just like I did.

My idea is more like the Litches and Sisters, 3 or 4 Overguard bars, their total combined ehp can remain the same, but split in sections, so damage cannot overflow. That way one-shoting becomes impossible while damage still matters. Segments still need to have some meat to them, so they cannot be bypassed by a completely unmodded weapon with the right fire rate - sounds reasonable to me.

Ofc with such a change, the CC immunity should behave more like how Sentients have it, something that others have suggested. With both of those methods combined, the relative difficulty will remain the same, but they will not be one-shotable.

On the topic of Operator damage, the easiest thing to implement imho, is for Void Damage coming from Amps specifically to function to Overguard the same way Magnetic works, but the scaling with stacks bonus to apply again to only Amp Damage. Limiting it to just Amp Void Damage will avoid the obvious problem of everyone subsuming Xaku's ability to abuse the bonus multiplication of damage, whilst encouraging Operator gameplay, since the only damage enhanced by the status will be Amp damage.

  Why do I think it's easy? Because I have reasons to believe that Void and Magnetic damage share code. Simple example are Magnetic Anomalies - usually you can shoot them with Magnetic damage and the spheres pop, however you can shoot them with Void damage and they pop as well. Now that might be brushed off as oversight on DE's side, but it still implies that Void and Magnetic damage and status share some code. Not to mention the Void status effect being literally small Mag MAGnetize bubble. Similarities are uncanny, it is just that Void damage lacks that stacking damage bonus functionality of Magnetic towards anything. And what better candidate than Overguard, it is basically another form of Shields.

Many people do not realize, but Amps are not technically weak, they are just Relatively weak compared to fully moded weapons. If people looked closely into the stats of Amps, it is obvious - there is no weapon that deals 6k damage Unmoded..... there is no such thing, however there are Amps that do in fact have 6k damage. I see people asking for Amps to be modable, but if they are made modable we will definitely get one of two things - either nerf to Amp base damage to accommodate for the available scaling Or severely inferior mods compared to gun mods. Worst part is, we will have to grind those mods from scratch. Both of those outcomes sound terrible, right?

If we as a comunity want DE to make a good change, we need to apply Occam's Razor - The simplest solution is probably the correct one. Asking from DE to create new systems and convoluted mechanics from scratch in order to compensate for poor initial design is not the way to go. DE tripped on their own shoelaces with that one, lets not ask from them to perform a sprint with laces tied to each other, while carrying another person and brushing their teeth with the smallest toothbrush on the planet.

We all should propose simple, minimal but meaningful changes that are based on what already exists in-game, since it is easiest to implement!

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On 2022-05-11 at 6:54 AM, [DE]Megan said:

We also plan to release the remaining 2 Incarnon weapons

Before adding more Incarnon weapons

can we please get the Existing Incarnon Glitches fixed? as these problems will most likely affect the new ones as well:

when Client, Incarnon Headshot Gauge wraps back around to 0 instead of "filling".

when Client, evolution perks are determined by Host instead of your own selections.

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Hey DE. 

Few notes from my perspective:

- The new void sling IS slower than the old void dash, I can live with it , but the old one fitted a lot more in the warframe universe/way of playing.

- The operators do no extra damage to overguard, if the goal of the eximus was to make us use the operators more, you missed the mark. it actually makes us use the operators less. 

- The new Void dash into> operator skill massively slows down the gameplay. Why would I want to stand still and cast my skill twice to get the full effect, while at the same time I could just take my warframe and have cleared the room already?

- Every release is full of bugs, there is an easy way to catch most of it: PROPER TEST SERVERS. not a one weekend test server, no make it at the very minimum a two-week test server before every bigger patch that's not just a hotfix. The warframe player base will catch at least 90% of the bugs and will report it to you before the release that way. rather than releasing an "alpha demo" as a "new patch/release" and then trying to patch bandages over the next month or so. You have a big player base, use them to improve the product. Pretty much every successful online MMO has proper test servers, and are able to release patches with no to only a few tiny bugs. why don't you? 

- I feel that the general focus and strategy is "a bit off" and could be improved a lot.
Here's what I mean with that; There is so much content to the game, so much potential. and nothing is really used, it's all created to be a grind, and move on.
Rather than actually using the existing content for future content; Zaws, kitguns, amps, (maybe make all weapons being able to replace some parts such as kitguns/zaws are created from parts to give different benefits and downsides?) 
Instead of having all factions complete separate, why not have some bigger story interlink them all, so that having high standing in factions is actually beneficial instead of just being able to buy all, and then never to look at that faction again since you got all from the store and now that faction is absolutely useless and to be forgotten and move on to the next faction to grind? Instead of making everything in the game useful in one way or another, you just release  a new faction, some new weapons, some new frames for us to grind, Just so we can wait for the next shiny thing to grind.

Most new players will never even bother with Fortuna and cetus, they can get everything they need from deimos(for the helminth segment and necramech which will only ever be used to unlock the new war quest and for nothing else.) If they want an amp they can farm it from the quills rather quickly and will simply ignore fortuna/vox solaris/vent kids completely. 

Stop seeing the game as all small separate pieces, and make a really immersive warframe universe instead.

Zaws, kitguns, fortuna, cetus, deimos, railjack, archwings, nobody uses any of them anymore. (some rare niche uses for some zaws and one specific kitgun. Cetus only used for eidolons. and the rest simply aren't used that much. They all could be so much more relevant.

Heck let clans build "capital ships" if they have x amount of members. which could be like the motherships for railjacks to launch in big group content.
Make archwings actually useful other than only to use from A to B in open worlds.

Make all the factions have influence spheres in the universe and let our player actions change the universe. (for example if all players mainly play on 2 planets; then the presence of certain factiosn become less, others become bigger. different bonusses and drawbacks on each mission based on that.) while the factions get a stronger foothold in other planets etc. 
With factions I mean the grineer, vaykor hek(the rebellion of the grineer vs their former masters) the corpus, alad v and his faction, nef anyo, parvos granum,  but also the quills/cetus, fortuna, entrati, necroloid, vox solaris, red veil, steel meridian etc.

This game and the warframe universe has so much more potential than the "Grindfest for the newest shiny thing" that you're giving us.

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Please evaluate ESO when making changes to Overguard this is one facet of gameplay where operator mode isn't going to be useful for dealing with Overguard.

I sincerely hope that the EHP of Overguard is getting changed rather than just shoving all the Overguard damage into the operator's kit without changing the fundamental EHP values of Overguard. 

Another good fix is to give ESO a spawn cap on eximus units just like it was done for endless gamemodes. 

Please don't make the Khora/ Vandal sets farm even harder than it is already. 

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On 2022-05-11 at 3:54 PM, [DE]Megan said:

We also plan to release the remaining 2 Incarnon weapons that were shown on Devstream #160, as well as some other goodies!

Before we make another weapon:


On 2022-05-11 at 3:54 PM, [DE]Megan said:


Another highly-discussed topic being reviewed is Overguard. We’re currently experimenting and reviewing different options to address varying islands of feedback. We understand that doesn’t provide you with much to go off of but please know we’re committed to making good on the feedback we’ve been given. Additionally, we’re reviewing the possibility for new Operator Arcanes that have direct interactions with Overguard and are planning on adding an additional Arcane Slot for Amps.

What about:


On 2022-05-11 at 3:54 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Community feedback tells us that the more mobility options the better, and we are working on changes that meet that desire. Additionally we’re reviewing the code to resolve some Transference latency issues and considering other tweaks to Operators. 

I guess this is related:


As always, thanks for such beauties (melees are beautiful) and your hard work (there are much more changes than previous year).

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just a suggestion but you know maybe instead of giving all eximus units overguard maybe just limit it to steel path as that is the portion of the game you made specifically to give players a challenge  


On 2022-05-13 at 5:27 PM, (XBOX)Shodian said:

I think players just need time to learn. Just because it's hard now doesn't mean it will always be hard.

I think you need to look at this whole issue at a different angle, players are being forced into meta builds just to enjoy the game as they did before the update, I understand you want a challenge but the challenge should not force players into the meta 


On 2022-05-12 at 3:33 PM, Graavarg said:

I actually think that Warframe does have a middle ground/group.

And that is the group that want everything with as little effort as possible, and where the members (of that group) have to potential and equipment to play like vets but instead chose to play like noobs.

no i think its more that members of the middle group (myself included) see that there is a meta with mods/warframes/weapons and hate that there is a meta because the game was originally built around the fact that everything is supposed to be good and fun to use and we see that people are expecting a challenge out of a game that wasnt meant to be challenging, at the end of the day this is a live service game, there will be no "end game" content because the whole point of a live service game is that there is no end game 

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1 hour ago, Nito3357 said:

no i think its more that members of the middle group (myself included) see that there is a meta with mods/warframes/weapons and hate that there is a meta because the game was originally built around the fact that everything is supposed to be good and fun to use and we see that people are expecting a challenge out of a game that wasnt meant to be challenging, at the end of the day this is a live service game, there will be no "end game" content because the whole point of a live service game is that there is no end game 

I think you have this wrong. First of all there will always be a meta, since meta is actually only math. If you put all combinations of everything into a humongous excel spreadsheet, some combinations will be mathematically more effective than others. And there is your meta. Warframe tries to mix this up in order to make it meaningful to switch weaponry, damage and builds between different factions (damage modifiers from armor, flesh etc.) and different mission types, but logically-mathematically there is both a specific meta for each and every mission as well as a meta for "doing everything with the same build".

Meta is a mathematical law of nature, in Warframe as well as in a lot of other games. And exploring, researching and constructing meta combinations is a central part of those games, as it is in Warframe. Add in preferred playstyle(s), solo vs co-op as well as different starting points (like "which weapons will enhance the use of this warframe" or "which warframe will increase the effectiveness of this weapon") and a continuously increasing gear pool and you have a core part of the game right there.

Any real "vet" will tell you that absolutely any warframe and most weapons in the game has enough power to make the meta concept irrelevant. So while achieving the absolute fastest time to kill or the absolute highest damage numbers is a thing in itself, it is mostly irrelevant from a "playing the game"-concept. It is about creating your own kit and enjoying putting it into action, even it if it is mostly wasted "overkill". This means that (almost) everything can be fun to use, but that is up the player. For example, I simply don't like Grendel, so even if Grendel can handle anything and be a great team warframe I don't play Grendel. And a couple of weeks ago I got a Twin Basolk-riven, so I re-built the weapon and have been having a lot of fun with it (including using it on the "hardest levels"). And the extra skins are severely good-looking... 🤪

If you by meta means the "copying popular OP builds from Youtube", then that isn't really "meta", even if the build itself is the result of research, knowledge and experience. That is just "copying". That the amount of such copying is so huge is down to human laziness, not "meta". Since you cannot logically remove meta (se above) and you cannot remove human laziness, the most DE can do is try to make the combined effect as non-toxic and non-destructive for other players as possible. That is also where DE occasionally fails, a good example would be the whole Bramma saga and Bramma itself, which is simply put just a well designed, interesting weapon that is fun to use. But when you factor in "youtube-copying" and "laziness" it suddenly becomes toxic, disruptive and decidedly "un-fun" in the game.

I have no idea where you have gotten the idea that Warframe isn't supposed to be challenging, because that is simply ridiculous. Challenge is built into Warframe from the start, including MR-locks on equipment and missions and several different paths of increasing challenge. Even the sortie, a three-mission daily "mini-quest" has built-in challenge increase.

The variance/width in challenge is also huge, even if you leave all special content aside and only compare the initial missions on Earth with the "end-of-starchart" missions on the Steel Path. So there is no problem for any player to select whatever challenge level they like to play. But the idea that everything should be easy (= "without challenge") is seriously bonkers. And Warframe being a "live service game" has nothing to do with it.

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On 2022-05-11 at 2:56 PM, Skaleek said:

Please don't force us to use our mod slots, arcane slots, etc as bandaid fixes for what should be base functionality. That and adding grind (21 arcanes per) to fix what you yourselves admit are outstanding issues with the game.

How is it an outstanding issue?

If people want operators to be extremely effective against Overguard, they should have to at least begin to invest some time into it.


I agree it shouldn't occupy a full arcane slot since overguard is everywhere and not just one mission. But operators shouldn't be able to trivialise something for free that takes significant investment into warframe weapons to deal with. Otherwise, what's the point of overguard?


On 2022-05-11 at 3:28 PM, mikakor said:

no. we shouldn't have to use an arcane to be able to make use of amp damage on overguard, especially after YOU said that the amp alone should be enough to deal with it. you want a good solution? i have two for you. 

either let us mod amps, 8 mod slots, and an exilus. 

or make void amp damage ONE SHOT overguard. here, done. the one shot solution is the simplest, but the mod amp one would allow people to have a reason to use operator more often, if it can lead to interesting effects upon usage. :/ 

This is literally "add an issue YOU made and sell the fix to it" 

YOU said that the amp would be enough to deal with overguard. make it so. ONLY, the amp. no arcane, no nothing. unless we get a mod system for the amp, which would be particularly interesting. i cannot imagine the amount of utilise mods we could get for an 8 mod amp.

I don't think they ever said an amp alone should be able to deal with it regardless of all conditions like enemy levels etc etc. They just said amps get extra damage (like puncture gets against armor), because otherwise they would be even worse. They are fairly strong for star chart level content, mostly because of that small bonus.


Amps are not meant to trivialise eximus enemies, not without investment, at least. That would just make eximus pointless.

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On 2022-05-12 at 12:04 PM, Maryph said:

CC immunty just pushes the meta further and that's non desirable. At some points in missions, Eximus units spawn 10 at a time, CC frames are just suffering.

Solo player = No more than 2 Eximus at a time (this is consistent with non-endless mission caps)

2 player squad = 2 Eximus max at a time 

3 player squad = 3 Eximus max at a time

4 player squad = 4 Eximus max at a time

Survival Sorties are not affected by this change. 

Eximus spawns have changed as of hot fix #6

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I only recently did the Angles of the Zariman quest and played the new game modes so allow me to provide some feedback before the next update.

Quest: It is good that it introduces all the new mission types BUT it feels rushed, short and it barely explains why the Zariman appeared NOW and why we have to defend it. Also, the NPC's look like dools, the facial animation is still bad and in about 30 minutes our Operator Arc goes from "I hate this place" to "I have to protect this with my life"... what an arc.

Operator: Focus rework gave us two (new) abilities BUT many are pointless. Also, WHY the sling? Just... WHY!? NO ONE ASKED FOR IT! We do have more use of the Operator (which is a good thing imo) but playing with him feels sluggish and more complicated than before. If anything, it should streamline it's use and not done the exact opposite. I think at least the Slings should be removed, that would be a good start.

Eximus: They are now a combination of "old" Nullifiers with Arbitration Drone protection. Overguard is just "overkill" at this point. Super annoying. Hard to tell how many or who is doing what, specially when you can't see them, and the new Zariman tiles (altough they look good) are big wide open spaces with mutiple levels where they can hide. Maybe have them on the mini-map with a diferent color(s) arrows would help at least "manage" their threat.
The ONLY upside to them is that now our Specters are also incredibly buffed, and since I do use them quite often that was pretty cool.

Now, on to the new missions which have many UI flaws:

Void Cascade has TOO many steps: switch to Operator to shoot fissures and release Thrax ghost, kill Thrax, switch back to Warframe to protect Exolinker, kill Thraxs that appear, switch back to Operator to kill Thrax ghosts... It's a big back-and-forth "newer" Operator gameplay does not allow. And, Thraxs are like Eximus units so that also overlaps with what I said earlier. Not smooth gameplay, very hectic.
Also, I would assume that the individual Exolinker meter (not that yellow bar on the UI) would be going up since we are "filling it" with those yellow things that come out of killed enemies. But no! It is going down. AND unlike excavation missions, we have nothing on the UI to tell us of their progress. We have to constantly be looking at them, even if we are right beside it.

Void Flood is really bad. It is for me the MOST flawed. First I never know if I got the orbs or not. When I jump thru them, they don't move (like other itens do, due to the small "universal vaccum" we got), they don't change color, even the sound queue it is negligable. I always have to look back to make sure I got it/them. Second, my cantine-orb is barelly visible since the meter on the left sits righ on top of it, so I can never tell how full it is. Worst of all, since I use the Orb to "fill" the Exodumper I thought I had to make the meter go up to get those buffs at each stage. Turns out, no! I have to keep the meter down or else it will buff enemies... WHO did this? If I am "filling" something I should have somekind of visual representation of what I am filling right? Start by turning that meter upside down and maybe put the cantine-orb somewhere else, or create a 'circle-meter' for it and put it somewhere in the UI, so we can understand from the get-go what we are supposed to do.

(BTW for both mission modes I stated above, you wouldn't believe how many people I saw doing the wrong thing...)

Void Armaggedon is pretty cool! I like that we have to manage a resource to build turrets to protect our objectives. The bad side is, again, the UI. When I started, because I saw three objectives on the UI,  I thought I was going to have to defend all 3 objectives at the same time (which in Solo is almost impossibe) ence the Turrets. But no! We defend each objective at a time, and only if we fail the two smaller ones, do we have to defend the Finger. I think this is just confusing. I would just remove whatever meter(s) that is not active in the current wave. BUT IF you must have all three objectives in the UI (I presume to see how much energy they have left) them make those that are NOT active in grey (icon and numbers).

Overall: the update has a lot of content but also a lot of flaws. From Operator user-steps being added, to Eximus units now forcing us back into high-buff Warframes with high-dps weapons, the mission design that almost seems like it was made for "old" Operators and them these new ones where just thrown in there (you wouldn't believe the amount of times people like me miss the angel orbs - some people just flat out don't even fight or go into the "angel dimension"), to the Zariman having the same tiles everywhere... I mean, other factions have ships, planets and open-world diferentiation. So the Zariman could have quarters, engines, storage, garden, idk... some variation would be nice. Even the Zariman Hub is so blant. There are no silver or gold decorations, everything still very dark, nothing is moving. I mean, I know it is a ghost-ship but this particular section could have a bit of personality... put some light in the Hub and fill it with those"light-ghost" things floating around that we see in Lua. Do something! (Unless it is going to be attacked and destroyed during the Duviri Paradox. If that's the case, you can leave it as is). Despite lots of new stuff, which makes it better than The New War imo... I was overwhelmed by the mission design and underwhelmed on how the content was introduced.

I like(d) Deimos a lot more.

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On 2022-05-11 at 10:32 AM, Lord_Harkkon said:


This ! 

Please don't listen to noisy cries from those who think the game is too hard for the love of Clem !

The game is heading in the right direction please don't waste it by listening to AOE and melee spammers.


Looking forward to directional sling though !

AoE nukespam and melee spam literally still works and is more dominant than ever. The only thing Overguard achieved is invalidating CC frames, reinforcing the DPS/tank frame AoE weapon meta with only minor pause for those who meet the gearcheck. DE's design decisions seem to disdain CC despite their prior proclamations of wanting it to be a viable option.

Personally, I think they've overdesigned themselves into a corner with the game's content bloat.

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