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Railjack Mod Slot Bug - Cannot Equip on 6th Slot


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What: When equipping any mod in the 6th slot of your Integrated mods, that mod is removed upon exiting the RJ mod UI. No other slots have this problem and slot polarity has no effect on the bug.


Where: When exiting the Plexus and the modding menu through the Drydock console. Occurs on every config slot on the Integrated section of RJ mods.


When: Tested & verified at time of writing, though earlier posts in the forums suggests it has been a problem for a while, at least after AoZ.


Testing: Tested in Plexus and Drydock, with ranked/unranked mods, with mods of varying polarity & with and without a 6th slot polarity. Always resulted in the mod being removed from the slot upon exiting the menu.

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im having the same problem cant equip a railjack mod on slot position 6 eg

1               2                            3          4

5              6 (this one)            7          8

iv tested different ways nothing works it just auto unequips when i back out of plexus menu 

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