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Dialogue Plays in the Incorrect Order During The Sacrifice


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In the sacrifice during the 2nd time entering Umbra's mind, the dialogue is mixed up and plays in the wrong order. 


After looking at the portrait Ballas is supposed to say,

Ballas: "Will you follow in your fathers' path?"

Isah: "Of course."

Ballas: "He will, and his children will. You see... these are the stakes of this little game. Each stone I capture will be another and another and another... culled from your subversive bloodline."

Ballas: "You thought you could outplay me? I've had lifetimes to plan my defection. You spied on me, intercepted my communications. But I saw your move long before you took it. And so... we come to the consequences."

Isah: "Father? You... you alright? Please. Do something for him!"

*Fade out*


But recently this order has changed, after looking at the portrait, Ballas now says,

"You thought you could outplay me?"

And it continues incorrectly from there. Isah says, "Father? You... you alright? Please. Do something for him!", too early and does the animation too early as well, and it throws off the whole cutscene.


This appears to happen every time. 

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