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Price check for a Vectis Visi-critatis Riven

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I'm kinda new to Rivens and have no clue how to price some if not most of my Rivens.

I have been told that a Riven for a Vectis would have a decent price.

Could someone help me price this one?:


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5 hours ago, kgabor said:

Really good stats, but no negatives.

I think it's worth a few hundred by default because it's for Vectis and the current stats would also play into driving up its value by a bit.

Could be better though.

There's a riven market site to check prices:


So negative stats are better on a riven? I don't get why though

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9 hours ago, Oddiess said:

So negative stats are better on a riven? I don't get why though

Negative stats positively influence the positive ones.

So if f.ex. you get a negative stat like +70% recoil your crit stat f.ex. will be somewhere around 400%-ish instead. (or at least somewhere around the high 300%-s)

It doesn't hurt the weapon whatsoever as Vectis barely has noticeable recoil. (but i could have said fire rate or zoom, though zoom is a matter of preference as negative zoom obviously hurts the weapon as a sniper rifle, some would consider it a good stat because engagement ranges are usually short in this game)

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have seen such rivens with good negatives listed starting at as low as 1K and usually traded around 1.5K. But yours doesn’t have any negative so it’s B grade - around 400-500P max. If it doesn’t sell at the price you ask for, you need to keep lower it until it sells. 

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