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1 hour ago, Mura said:

Thats because there is actually skill needed. AOE weapons? nope. 5 attack speed on weapons? nope. Need to shoot head? yes
They also are investing nothing on the game mode. And there are bugged weapons that just got fixed a few weeks ago.  If there was actual rewards i am pretty sure people would play conclave.

This isn't totally correct. Pvp isn't popular in warframe because pvp requires extensive balancing compared to the base game and meaningful attention from the developers. There was a time early on when conclave was more popular but it has grown less and less so as more people realized it was a dead mode with no future content or balance passes done to support it

Heck there aren't even bots added so you can cue up and play solo when no one else wants to play (with live jump in jump out functionality).

Many players would play if people played it but it is dead so no one plays it.

I have loaded into a game of lunar once since it was introduced... I like lunaro.

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1 hour ago, GrazeZeroLow said:

I can solo easily, so I'm not sure which "fixes" you're referring to?

I mean you can solo it yeah but there were cheese way to do it with less effort, normally I dont support doing cheese way but when you need to farm a LOT of something then yeah, like if you need a LOT of roller floofs.

The cheese way that got fixed was to jump high on the tree in the middle after killing one enemy and then you could alt tab and do something else on the pc return to game in 5 min, restart mission and do all over, DE removed it by making it impossible to jump on tree, you cant stand on it anymore.

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2 hours ago, Mura said:

Thats because there is actually skill needed (for PvP)

You are assuming none have the capacity to become skilled in PvP, which would be an erroneous assumption. It just takes practice, good builds.
I do ok when i have done PvP in other games, its not that hard. I just don't like PvP and generally this holds true for the majority of Warframe players.

Denigrating players in general because they don't like PvP, is a toxic mindset and something that tends to increase the more popular PvP becomes (in any PvP based game).
Where there's PvP the player's ego also tends to become more involved. I'm not saying all PvPers are toxic, i am saying the PvP community is generally a more toxic one than a non-PvP community. (There are players with a crappy attitude everywhere too.)

Players in my alliance did Conclave just to get the rewards, and will never do PvP for fun because they don't see it as being fun.
Better rewards would pain many (not all) players into doing PvP to get the rewards but that's it - once they get the rewards, PvP would still be a dead game mode.
There is no point on DE investing time into the PvP game mode when the majority of the general player base just aren't interested.

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I think this "dog days" event it's too hard to farm, you need to spend so many time in the game and just get one decoration.
Levels 4 mission need 5 min and just get 50 perrls, and the enemy is hard to kill (even kill what you get so little.)
If you want to farm roller floof (ANY TYPES) you need to spend MORE than 30 min to farm ONLY one decoration!
It's really not make sense. 
I recommend that should decrease how many peals to use. 
And selling in store decorations items, give that SOMEONE have not that much time in game ANOTHER chances to buy these items(pt. for sale)


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Dog Days could really benefit from an assist system.

As of right now the game mode heavily discourages playing in a squad because of the way it only rewards Pearls on last hits.
I would argue it actually encourages AFK behaviour because it's less effort to AFK for 5 minutes in a public squad and get 50 Pearls for completion, than it is to actively participate in the mission.

I believe an assist system - where a player would earn a Pearl even if they only damaged an enemy and someone else killed it - would encourage a lot more squad playing and a lot less AFK behaviour.

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