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error on invitation to squad (outbound and inbound) "could not parse targetId".


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Since the update this morning I haven't been able to group with specific individuals. I don't know if I should put the two people's screen names here or not but I've wanted to trade with them and gotten the error in the subject line.

I always have trouble with invite because my connection is aweful, but this is a new error for me so I thought I'd go ahead and report it.

Searching returned no results.

Restarting my game didn't help,

One of the two I was able to trade with in the bazaar. The other appeared to go to a different instance of the bazaar even though there was only one instance. I know this because when I clicked on the bazaar there was no prompt to select an instance so that trade didn't happen.

Please look  into this as trading is one of the things I enjoy most about playing WF.


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This kind of error also occurs in people I meet. Strangely, I can normally invite others, but once someone invites me, they will pop up the could not parse targetid error.I also want to know how to solve this problem

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Same here, one of my friends is playing from a hotspot and every time I try and invite him it keeps giving the same error as OP


edit: Just noticed that whenever he invites me, for him it shows me being in a squad with him. However on my screen I can see myself without anyone in the lobby

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Same issue PC


Edit: Restarting Warframe client seems to sometimes fix it?

Edit 2: Having the same issues again while trying to trade

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