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I think I found Warframe 2


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I dunno , its giving vibes .

 - crazy sci-fi elements

 - third person

 - slasher / shooter 

 - power fantasy 

 - main character is piloting exoskeleton 

 - highly repetitive 

 - PvE but in a form of gambit sort off from Destiny 2




Opinions ?

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I'm definitely interested. I really like you can switch out suits between mission objectives.

Also the fact you get a unique animation when you block certain attacks is pretty cool.

As someone who isn't a fan of PvP. Letting me play as a dinosaur as a way to engage in pvp is a major plus.

Overall, I'm always down for these Saturday Morning Cartoon type of games.


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that "lotus" ripoff is 16x more annoying and repetitive than hearing its the grineer for the 10,000th time

Summoning raptors

summoning raptors

summoning raptors


the game looks interesting, but more like its trying too hard to be a "warframe" instead of its own thing

just kind of like javelins in that other game that died (anthem), or how destiny added their "platinum" but had no use for it

the game could be interesting, but what makes it stand out? does the announcer get a mute button?

and warframes mobility is better, even if its pvp and end game are non-existent 


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