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(SWITCH) Echoes of the Zariman: Hotfix #3

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(SWITCH) Echoes of the Zariman: Hotfix #3

TennoCon 2022 is fast approaching (July 16th)! This is potentially the last Hotfix we will be putting out before we put all our focus exclusively on the TennoCon build (unless there is an emergency hotfix needed). While this Hotfix is small, it contains some “before the weekend” fixes and back-end prep for tomorrow’s Relay Stress Test during Baro’s appearance - hope to see you there!


  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to memory usage for all platforms.
  • Improved the Twitch Drop inbox notifications when delivered.


  • Fixed slow rolling speed in Dog Days missions. We cleaned up our molasses spill, sorry about that. 
  • Fixed camera becoming frozen after viewing Wish List in the Profile menu.
  • Fixed script error with Vauban’s Minelayer HUD UI. 
  • Fixed script error with Wukong’s Passive. 
  • Fixed script error with Protea’s Temporal Anchor. 
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if Zenurik's Disarming Sling hit a player under the effects of a Radiation proc. 
  • Fixed a script error from HUD after Host migration. 
  • Fixed script error related to the Argozene Drops in the Void Armageddon mission. 
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