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Nova's Antimatter Drop not properly multiplying damage with Tigris in public instances


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All day today I shoot antimatter drop (AMD) with tigris prime, and it maxes the bubble out right? Can't pack it with any more damage. Then when it explodes, AMD just does like 200-500 dmg to enemies. At first I wanted to think I could change it myself and looked at my build. I was using speed nova with -40% molecular prime strength. I also had the augment Molecular fission equipped. But then it kept happening even when I was using Slow nova with like 175% on my 4th ability strength. Augment on still. 


I noticed when I shot AMD with the afuris pistols I've been levelling all day today, the multiplier worked fine, so I wonder if it's just tigris prime. Also, the multiplier worked with my melees too today, nami solo and obex both. 


When nobody else is in my mission it hasn't happened. I haven't tried turning matchmaking to solo so idk if it happens in solo mode. But when someone else is in mission w/ me it happens. and keeps happening. I also have only been up against grineer where the glitch appeared. So far I've gotten the glitch on a Draco arbitration and on Hydron. 

Big depressies :[

needless to say I miss the tigris prime x AMD satisfying boom boom action

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Can confirm this also occurs on the PC version too, In Solo it performs completely fine and deals maximum damage to enemies, but in online sessions, firing any form of tigris shot that caps out the damage of antimatter drop in a single shot will result in the explosion only dealing its uncharged damage, Other weapons such as the Corinth, which takes two shots to hit AMD's damage cap, works as intended in online play.

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