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An Open Letter from [DE]Steve

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В 17.07.2022 в 07:21, [DE]Steve сказал:


Digital Extremes has been my home for my entire game development career. 20+ years for those counting (I try not to). Over 10 of those years have been on Warframe as you know it today, but in truth the Warframe story started much earlier. Warframe once existed as Dark Sector in my mind in the early 2000’s. Turning that seed of ‘Dark Sector’ into ‘Warframe’ has been a life-defining accomplishment for me and the Digital Extremes team. I feel like I can say: We did it. And in some ways, I thought it’d be the last thing we’d do as a team. But we want to tell another story.

Soulframe development has officially just begun. We hope you follow along. It’s only possible because the community believed in Warframe to allow me 10 beautiful years in the Origin System. Further still, the Warframe team believed in me, but more importantly, I believe in them. I know they can do great things with the story of the Tenno. And now, a group of us have set our sights on the Fantasy genre to tell the story of Soulframe.

I want to have Fantasy & Science Fiction as a part of Digital Extreme’s legacy. I want to spend as much time with Soulframe as I have with Warframe. My beard only has so much black left in it.

Envoys, see you in the future.

We all lift together - and always will.

- [DE]Steve

Please also see [DE]Rebecca's Open Letter:


Steve, you can make these worlds intersect, either by history or by the principle of "seed" as in the Sword Art Online franchise, different worlds, on the same engine, but with different mechanics, but close and understandable to a large Warframe audience!

Put a lotus sign to whom it is close and interesting! For Steve to see.

Стив, можно сделать чтобы эти миры пересекались, либо по истории либо по принципу "семени" как во франшизе Мастера Меча онлайн, разные миры, на одном движке, но с разными механиками, но близкие и понятные уже большой аудиторией Варфрейма!  Ставьте знак лотос, кому это близко и интересно! Чтоб Стив увидел.

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I was overwhelmed by emotions when you announced you were leaving Warframe. Which is why its taking me time to reply. The game has meant so much to me. The mechanics and the setting captivated me. And slowly gaining mastery of it; making great friends; and still finding nuance and novelty in Warframe is credit to you, and the team you built and led.

Rebb will be an excellent creative lead. But I'll still miss you. 

Until Soulframe that is! My username is parked and I'll be there when you launch. I hope being out of the public spotlight, and the new game will be rejuvenating, and exciting, and successful.


Thank you so very much.

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