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Khora Prime: Hotfix 31.7.1


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I don't like piling on with the "what about x bug?" list but the Xoris is still running into issues with dropping Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds combos:

Given it's a quest item that A: is pretty good and B: ties into the Granum Void (and so into Sisters of Parvos acquisition), are we able to get an update on this? If it's still being investigated, or if it's intended but undocumented behaviour, or if it isn't worth getting into, or if me bringing this up is going to cause someone to have an aneurysm out of frustration because nobody can figure out what's going on...

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Thx for hotfix but when will at least some of the Operator's suits be transferred to the Drifter and will they be transferred at all? At least those that are for real money and those that are the most popular, it will be literally just a few sets

1 час назад, [DE]Connor сказал:

Khora Prime: Hotfix 31.7.1


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur under poor network conditions when streaming between areas (Elevator to Zariman, Cetus to Plains etc.)
  • Fixed crashes when casting Harrow’s Abilities. 
  • Fixed Host and Clients unable to Extract in the Zariman mission elevator if a Client leaves while an Angel is in the process of activating.
  • Fixed having ‘Mission Progress’ key held down preventing mission Extraction.
  • Fixed casting the Necramech’s Necraweb Ability resulting in the Necramech becoming unarmed. 
  • Fixed a game lock when interacting with the deactivated News Panel during the Vor's Prize Quest.
  • Fixed a game lock when interacting with an inactive Ascension Altar in a Dojo.
  • Fixed Venari Prime not providing Mastery Rank points.
  • Upon login accounts will retroactively be fixed to provide the appropriate Mastery.
  • Fixed Zariman Extraction portal spawning too early if an Angel is actively being fought during an Extermination mission. After killing the Angel a fake/non-functional Extraction marker is placed.
  • Fixed ability to join Orb Vallis Heist Bounties when ineligible through /join or the Friends list.
  • Fixed partial contribution to a Clan Research resulting in disabling Clan Vault Resources until the next visit.
  • Fixed Clients not receiving progress towards the Fallen Angel Nightwave challenge.
  • Fixed the Tenno Guide prompting you to complete The Waverider Quest before Heart of Deimos. 
  • Fixed incorrect number of Stimulus pick-ups in Sanctuary Onslaught. 
  • Fixed ragdolled enemies flying towards your next shot when killed with physics-based projectiles (for example Boltor) DoT damage.
  • Fixed Arcanes not having a description when hovered over in Mission Progress and End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Sentient Mimics, Anu Mantalysts, Anu Pyrolysts (the latter 2 being Railjack Boarding party enemies) dropping their arm pieces when destroyed.
  • Fixed Necramech Fury's description showing ‘+1 Arcane Revive’.
  • Fixed another case of the Escort Drone getting stuck on wreckage in the post-New War Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed Undazoa spawning under floor in Codex diorama.
  • Fixed Ordis' subtitles being incorrect for one of his Inbox reminders.
  • Fixed Limbo Dodge (pressing shift while moving) sound not always playing.
  • Fixed muted audio when using an Operator Ability during The War Within Quest. 
  • Fixed duplicated audio when Rushing an item in the Foundry with Platinum.
  • Fixed motionless Mergoo models scattered on the ground in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed improper localized text in the PC Khora Prime Accessories pack.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur in the MR 29 practice test in Cephalon Simaris’ room. 
  • Fixed script errors when casting Chroma’s Effigy Ability. 


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1 hour ago, T.E.L.B.I. said:

I can, but no one will read them anyway.

Seriously though, if i'll pick my pencil right now and start writing a "Warframe Bugs" essay, it will take away my whole month of vacation... and none of the Dev's will EVER see it.



No need for pencil. A few clicks and less than 40 words can describe a bug. But apparently complaining here is less effort for some ppl.

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In just the last 30 minutes up until now, 1PM (PST), the game has completely locked up three times. First, standing in front of navigation in Orbiter; second, flying to mission location in the Plains; and just now at my gear wheel in Orbiter. I have NEVER had the game freeze like this since I've been playing (March 2022), so good on ya for that, but now - Post Fix - I can't play at all. 

Another fix incoming?

Thanks for all your hard work and attention on this matter, have a great day!

Edited by Bractoon
Also, have already ensured my Windows 10 machine is up to date and restarted for good measure.
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2 hours ago, Kontrollo said:

Thanks for the update.


Just a reminder regarding Conclave: the fix of the fall-off bug some time ago has improved things considerably already, so that's great. But there are still more outstanding bugs and issues that haven't been addressed, some of them have been present for a long time. Here are some of the worst ones at the moment (also mentioned previously):

  • Telos Boltace -- could simply be disabled if not reset to its pre Old Blood behaviour. Ragdolls on players should never have been a thing in a mode that limits CC to slows, impairs and knockdowns. In some cases it can even break the maps. E.g. here the player just keeps falling for over a minute until a reset happens:
      Hide contents






    In other cases one can get stuck in the geometry or even land outside the map entirely. It has been brought up many threads before, e.g. here. And also illustrated, e.g. excerpt from a post of mine in that thread when I got stuck in the geometry after a ragdoll:

  • Wolf Sledge -- its throw has it all: very high damage and range, retained the super-fast Glaive wind-up (pre-change), homing projectile, knockdown, AoE explosion without any radial fall-off and what seems like no LoS restriction. Also, can melee block while throwing, negating 100% of incoming shots in that direction. Here's an example clip.
  • Saryn's passive + any electric weapon. A bug introduced with the damage type rework makes it possible for Electric procs to refresh themselves. This gets exploited by some to get an unavoidable damage source which ultimately just kills without being able to do much about it. Especially problematic with AoE like from Castanas.


There are more problems, but these are some of the worst offenders right now. People would already be happy if you just disabled e.g. Telos Boltace and Wolf Sledge if you don't want to take the time to fix the bugs/balance properly.

+1 to this
hope they can do it finally after the falloff fix

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17 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:

Khora Prime: Hotfix 31.7.1

  • Fixed ragdolled enemies flying towards your next shot when killed with physics-based projectiles (for example Boltor) DoT damage.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!! This has been SUCH a bane to my existance!


17 hours ago, wirecard said:


whatever it was, it also helped other projectile/darty type based weapons e.g. tysis and acrid 👍

ty for fixes


what about operator sigils affecting/"overlapping on" various other gear?
what about magus cloud breaking sling-related abilities in narrow spaces?

I would hazard a guess that the Magus Cloud issue might be addressed in the next fix. The ragdoll issue was big on my list but wasn't addressed in the last patch/hot-fix but it was in this one. Give it until the next one at the very least. Here's hoping for the best. : )


16 hours ago, TitanEidolon said:

I actually liked the ragdoll enemies flying around :sadcry:

But did you like shots prematurely arcing and thus having vastly reduced range and ability to hit their targets? Because that was the main problem.

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1 hour ago, XennethKeisere said:

oh yeah making TennoCon more about SOULFRAME than WARFRAME

Would be great if they acknowledged known bugs and stated that they were working on them, but Tennocon was not more about Soulframe than Warframe. They showed a short teaser for Soulframe at the end and mentioned that leadership was changing, but almost all of Tennocon was Warframe. They had to talk about Soulframe because people would freak out at the leadership change if they didn't explain why it was happening. 

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hello de thank you for the fixes may i also suggest something for the next hotfix, in cambion drigt eclipse light side doesnt work on the open world so that can be nice to fix also tridolon bounty checks can be buggy and will not check if you do it fast thank you de

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you going to fix joining SO or ESO in the last 2 seconds of round 2 and no one enters next level, so you stand there or go by yourself.

because mostly im watching for the host to enter and not to be host migrated because it sux. my intention is to play with others for the carry. so i get a loading screen to wait for a loading a screen to see another loading screen to get a game with other players to play with and hopefully is not yet again the last 2 seconds of a round 2,

also i suck as host and dont like to be host in eso its a problem and i usually just force host migrate because the portal fails to load on time. which is the cause of my trash internet.

matchmaking should be tighter and also have the option to joining or hosting. and also the ability to see all parties at any given time like you would looking at a relay when joining: 

X party of 2 of 4 (timer x.xx) (join)

X party of 2 of 4 (timer x.xx) (join)

X party of 1 of 4 (timer x.xx) (join)

X party of 3 of 4 (timer x.xx) (join)

also the ability joining at any round under 8 rounds can solve problems, cus after 8 your done the rewards rotate again so why stay, dont make free rewards a problem i dont care, i want bodies for missions for the juicy affinity. JUICY 

SO needs to be in the beginning of the game with access to relay gives you SO, with a Big arrow that says free xp here. simaris, in your face, arrow. get rid of the questlines.


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