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(SWITCH) Khora Prime: Hotfix #1

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(SWITCH) Khora Prime: Hotfix #1


  • Fixed Host and Clients unable to Extract in the Zariman mission elevator if a Client leaves while an Angel is in the process of activating.

  • Fixed having ‘Mission Progress’ key held down preventing mission Extraction.

  • Fixed a game lock when interacting with the deactivated News Panel during the Vor's Prize Quest.

  • Fixed a game lock when interacting with an inactive Ascension Altar in a Dojo.

  • Fixed Venari Prime not providing Mastery Rank points.

    • Upon login accounts will retroactively be fixed to provide the appropriate Mastery.

  • Fixed Zariman Extraction portal spawning too early if an Angel is actively being fought during an Extermination mission. After killing the Angel a fake/non-functional Extraction marker is placed.

  • Fixed ability to join Orb Vallis Heist Bounties when ineligible through /join or the Friends list.

  • Fixed partial contribution to a Clan Research resulting in disabling Clan Vault Resources until the next visit.

  • Fixed the Tenno Guide prompting you to complete The Waverider Quest before Heart of Deimos. 

  • Fixed crashes when casting Harrow’s Abilities. 

  • Fixed Arcanes not having a description when hovered over in Mission Progress and End of Mission screen.

  • Fixed incorrect number of Stimulus pick-ups in Sanctuary Onslaught. 

  • Fixed Sentient Mimics, Anu Mantalysts, Anu Pyrolysts (the latter 2 being Railjack Boarding party enemies) dropping their arm pieces when destroyed.

  • Fixed Necramech Fury's description showing ‘+1 Arcane Revive’.

  • Fixed another case of the Escort Drone getting stuck on wreckage in the post-New War Plains of Eidolon. 

  • Fixed Undazoa spawning under floor in Codex diorama.

  • Fixed Ordis' subtitles being incorrect for one of his Inbox reminders.

  • Fixed Limbo Dodge (pressing shift while moving) sound not always playing.

  • Fixed muted audio when using an Operator Ability during The War Within Quest. 

  • Fixed duplicated audio when Rushing an item in the Foundry with Platinum.

  • Fixed motionless Mergoo models scattered on the ground in the Orb Vallis.

  • Fixed improper localized text in the PC Khora Prime Accessories pack.

  • Fixed a script error that could occur in the MR 29 practice test in Cephalon Simaris’ room. 

  • Fixed script errors when casting Chroma’s Effigy Ability.

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