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Options on how to rebalance AOE meta


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Multiple Options 

Option 1. Change how (Primed Sure Footed, Poise and frame ability) works.  +100% Chance to resist knockdown from enemies attacks and abilities.

With this changes AOE weapons will have a drawback and probably the next best mod to use will be handspring. Since players will still get knockdown even if they use handspring it will still slow the nuke spamming and also no more feet shooting AOE weapons.


Option 2. AOE self damage


Option 3. Change how AOE weapons work. Create 2 different tier that work different  - Blast and radial

Blast - (explosive) will deal self damage and make noise

radial - deal knockdown only, zero self damage and are silent

from here all weapons that deal AOE damage should be updated accordingly 


I think option 1 is probably the best since it requires players to be more skillful at using the weapon or get deleted by enemies when self knockdown by AOE

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Just looking at the AoE meta is kind of how we got the AoE meta. The game has deeper balance flaws, such as armour scaling being different to health and shields, or modding either being too like with unlike things (such as AoE and non AoE) and entirely unlike with things that are intended to be like (Abilities barely scale with mods in comparison to weapons leading to hilariously low values such as many abilities dealing damage in the 100's).


AoE became prominent, aside from the fact it is well suited to multi-target gameplay, because of such problems and only addressing individual outliers, not the root causes. Weapon scaling got amplified because armour scaled so fast, and because mod mathematics wasn't well maintained, individual parts of the game rapidly outperformed each other, each gradually reaching overprominence and some being hilariously weak. Self-damage was unpopular because enemies have hugely different health pools to players, so many AoE guns were vastly better at killing the player than killing the enemy. Meanwhile melee got a completely different scaling system in 2.0 (the one where Combos and Stances were introduced), which started weak, and then got a ton of scaling so it got really good. So Spin2win became meta, and to try and make AoE guns more popular, DE kept buffing them or releasing stronger ones. Then they reworked melee to bring that more in line (and didn't really succeed), and eventually removed self-damage to try make AoE guns popular, without acknowledging they'd made these guns otherwise so much better than non AoE guns.

Suddenly, oops, now AoE guns get all the modding perks of regular weapons, competitive and even meta base stats even without the AoE... and also damage in AoE.

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