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I have been given an opportunity


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I think so... because assuming you are talking about the Nova package, its different from the others. Like the last one was Nidus. I can't remember what was before that. Generally the reason you can't normally repurchase packs, like Prime Access, is because the Plat is discounted. After a certain amount of time though, more exceptions can occur. Like you normally can't get Prime Access twice, but IIRC you can buy Prime Unvaulting a few years later, even if you already have items. Stuff like that. 

That being said, I don't really think its worth it, unless... you are really new to the game, already know you will really like Nova, and the other stuff that comes with it, whatever skins, weapons it is etc so you can have some starting Plat so on. To answer the question though, I think it would work. 

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