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[NA][PSN][CLAN] TCT is recruiting great Tenno! We want active tenno like you to join our Storm Clan! SQUAD UP! 18+


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**\[TCT\] clan is looking to grow! PS4 Only, 18+**

Rank 10 Storm Clan 100% Research Dry Dock Discord Giveaways 21 Day Inactivity Limit Mic required Clan Emblem MR 10 minimum 18+ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

* Are you a cool dude or dudette?
* Are you a non-toxic player?
* Are you supportive and helpful?
* Are you an active WF player?
* Do you want people to play with?
* Do you have a mic?

Boy-oh-boy do I have good news for you!

`Tomorrow Comes Today` [`TCT`] is non-toxic, LGBTIAQ+ friendly & primarily NA clan that wants to make our clan bigger and expand internationally with many active fun players that want to play events, join endurance runs and help people farm (whatever it is you need to farm).



>Are you looking for a community based on community spirit? Are you tired of elitism, rage-quitting and impossible expectations? Are you fed up with gimmicks and overacting for the sake of attention?  

>We have the place for YOU!  

>TCTGaming is a beacon amidst the latest trends, founded on values that may be long-forgotten elsewhere. If you are a gamer, new or old, who believes in the values of community, friendship and family, WE WANT YOU!


I am recruiting specifically for `Warframe PS4` and we are trying to build our International player base so we can have people playing at all times around the world.

100% research done.


Joining is as simple as eating pie. Join our discord at [http://tctgaming.com/discord](http://tctgaming.com/discord). The rules are simple and I can always help. My name on here, the discord server and my PSN is `SunnyPigtails`. There isn't an application so that's even easier. Once you're on the Discord channel we can take it from there.

_Discord access & active in-game are requirements_

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