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Sekien : The Painter of Souls 🎨 🖌 💀

(XBOX)EternalDrk Mako

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Greetings fellow tenno, this is a rework/redraft of my original frame concept the soul painter sekien <(located here for ideas) 

The name sekien is derived from the famous Japanese yokai painter toriyama sekien from the 1700s

About The concept 

in 2019 I had this idea for a painter frame that used enemies souls to create monster /creatures that did battle, putting the frame as a summoner type , the idea was the art pallet wings on each wrist generate medium similar to ink and water colors from souls of the fallen enemies, that sekien uses to paint his creations , example gif of how one imagines the medium spreading from his hands 

Image result for hand painting gif

his kit is very much conceptial and open to alterations

currently how I see his kit function

the idea was to focus on summoning so i think 4 total summons with supportive powers are ideal. 3 minor summons and  major summon for his 4th ability 

Conceptual kit Design

Passive -inspired 

Whenever an enemy dies on 50 meters radius from Sekien they will gain a soul medium (shown as glowing soul fires) . Soul Charges will be displayed via a soul meter 

1-Stroke- using his hand he releases ink like medium that strikes foes , this stains the foes souls 

  • stained enemies gain a vulnerability % 

2 - Apparition - summon via hold , tap to cycle | if already summoned and power is held the creature will target enemy/ally/object in crosshairs for attack/heal/support/def if none it will recall to sekein -enemies under stain take bonus damage from these units 

  1.  Tanky yokai  - (visualized this as a stone lion dog creature) - deals corrosive 
  2. Fast yokai- (visualized as a Kamaitachi or weasel yokai) - deals slash
  3. support yokai - ( visualized this as a lantern yokai) -deal heat damage 

3- Night Parade- releases an aura of ink like clouds and soul lights around himself 

  • heals his creations by a % when they are near or in the AOE
  • allies inside gain damage reduction 75% 
  • allies gain critical bonus % factored by current soul % 1-100
  • enemies marked with stain that die with the AOE provide a bonus soul charge 


4 -  Yaksha

  • sekien pools the soul medium together into a large mass between his hands (like a ball of swirling ink energies) and releases it onto a targeted spot (cross hair) spawning a Giant yokai 
  • on summon, deals stroke in a burts around itself 
  • the yaksha is a larger demonic entity with multiple arms carrying many weapons it uses to strike its foes, all foes gain stained on strike  


Concept art


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