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The Water Man Rework (Hydroid Suggestions)


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Hydroid Rework
FOCUS: Modernize Hydroid's kit without taking too much from his actual abilities (His third is probably the only ability that gets outright replaced, you can still tell that the essence of the other abilities are still there)
This is more of a concept than a suggestion. I didn't go in-depth with any of the abilities stats or anything. Basically, if anything says "High" or "Heavy", know it's damage value is probably over 1000

Hydroid emits tentacles from his back during a bullet jump that lashes at nearby enemies, causing them to fall over during the course of the bullet jump

Hydroid holds his arm to his side and generates 4 miniature Tridents circling his arm. Holding the ability gradually grows the Tridents in size over the course of 2.5 seconds, increasing their projectile speed and damage. Upon releasing the ability key, the Tridents shoot out and seek nearby targets. Upon hitting the target, the Tridents deal heavy Puncture damage and quickly evaporate, leaving gaps in the enemies armor and decreasing their armor value by up to 50%. Hydroid holds himself on a water platform if the ability is casted mid-air

Hydroid conjures water undearneath his feet and quickly shoots himself outward in the direction of his crosshair, launching him a respectable distance. Can be cast mid-air or on the ground.

Hydroid floods a large radius around him, covering it head to toe in water and drowning enemies for high pure damage per second over the course of five seconds. Ability 3 and 4 can be casted at the same time to let the Kraken get some action in there

Hydroid spawns a mass of tentacles over a selected radius, defending the area for him.
During the cast, you can hold to ability to access three different forms depending on how the progress of an on-screen meter:

FIRST TIER - KRAKEN FORM - The Tentacles entangles nearby enemies and pins them to the ground, immobilizing them and making them an easier target
PROS - Immobilizes targets, has long range, has most tentacles of all the forms
CONS - No offensive capabilities, individual tentacles cannot immobilize more than one enemy at a time

SECOND TIER - BLADED FORM - The Tentacles emerge with sharp arrow heads and attack nearby enemies. While not immobilizing any targets, the tentacles will deal very heavy slash damage to a target if not outright ripping them in two.
PROS - Tentacles act offensively, can deal a lot of slash damage with their massive arrow heads
CONS - Shortest range of all forms, has only five tentacles at most

THIRD TIER - SYMBIOTIC FORM - Hydroid becomes the tentacles (I had literally no better way of wording this), twisting his form and growing tentacles out of his helmet, legs, and hands. This form gives him increased movement speed, whip-like bladed tentacles he can control, and each bullet jump casts Tidal Launch free of energy (including multiple air-born jumps).
PROS - Tentacles are mobile with Hydroid, Tidal Launch can be casted without energy, overall movement speed increase, whip-like tentacle appendages
CONS - Barrage and Primordial Flood cannot be casted due to lack of hands, Hydroid is locked out of using his selected weapons in this form, Kraken Form is inaccessible using this ability

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