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Difficulty increse.


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Please DE add more steel path difficulties, like a tier II steel path, also please add more aoe skills into the ennemys like the fire explosion from the grenieer, or the poision explosion from the infested, you can add a Magnetic explosion into the corpus, that Will made the Game more dynamic so you Will have to move more to no get hit by them. To put end into the viral Slash meta you can add shield/armor/health into all enemys of all factions, just adjust them for each class:

Infested for example 25% shield, 25% armor, 50% health.

Corpus 25% health/ 25% armor and 50% shield.

And grineer 25% SHIELD/ 50% armor / and 25% health.

Then People Will play Magnetic aganist corpus, Slash aganist infested and, corrosive aganist grineer.

Please also return into the old,: poison, gas and corrosive damages. Play corrosive nowadays is dumb because of unairu 2nd skill. 

Made blast blind ennemys for a short time like 5s and each aditional proc. Adds 2 more sec. Into the duration. 

Rework impact and Puncture status effects, making ennemys more vulnerable into damages.To turn status weapons into sustained damage and crítical weapons into a burst damage.

The balance in this Game is awful. That's why people gets tired from it, because no variety, always same build for all weapons.


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