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Fissure Disruption reactant prompt


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It would be nice to have a message prompt at the top of the screen informing everyone in squad that a relic has yet to be opened with reactant before putting the last conduit key in.


Alternatively you could have Little Duck inform you about this with a voice line instead, just don't over use it of course

I can already picture it: "Alroight hotshot, now I know you're 'ere for those shiny prime parts too, before you put the last conduit key in, make sure you opened that relic."

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If you have Squad Info displayed in top right corner (the names n stuff) you will see an indicator for each players status on reactant. Make sure you only insert last key when everyone has 10/10.

Alternatively it is a long desired feature to squad share any Reactant pick-ups (Yeah Empyrean did it absolutely right!).

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