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Azure - Crystal Warframe Concept


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This is Azure. With crystal-clear resolve, she transforms the battlefield into a gleaming cavern of sharpened crystals ready to pierce through her foes.


She is a defensive buffer and damage Warframe that protects herself and allies through armor plating grown passively, with a speargun/fishing rod throwing ability that sets up Divine Spears-like traps.

Her second and third abilities have persistent elements that don't rely on classic Duration, but are incentivized to be cast again for repositioning and other benefits. Her fourth allows her to float around like Wisp or Titania Prime for the cool factor, and creates either a mobile or stationary bunker-like barrier to boost survivability.


Passive - Azure and her allies within Affinity Range grow crystal armor every 5 seconds, up to 4 pieces. Each crystal armor adds 25 Armor points, and visually grows over the Warframe's shoulders, chest, and back. When physically hit by enemy attacks, the crystal armor prevents damage and shatters instead.

Crystal Lance - 25 energy

Throw a lance of pure crystal arcing toward the reticle, piercing through all enemies in its path, inflicting Puncture damage and pinning them to a surface on impact. Once rooted into a surface, the crystal rapidly grows, extending its main spike and a number of spikes outward to impale other enemies in range. Enemies receive Puncture damage per second while impaled. When a branched spike has no enemies impaled, it shatters then regrows when a new enemy walks in range. Crystal Lance's main spike shatters when its duration expires.

Crystal Lance can also be used to Fish and pierces through Deimos' Exocrine.

Fractal Shell - 50 energy

Stomp the ground and erect five crystal clusters in a pentagonal formation around Azure, violently throwing enemies away if the clusters emerge from below them. Each cluster persists until shattered, absorbing a large amount of incoming enemy damage while standing, and gradually regrows itself if at least one cluster remains. Ally and enemy can freely walk through the shell. Azure and her allies' attacks gain a Multishot bonus when flying through the shell. Enemies receive Puncture damage and status proc when walking through clusters.

Crystal Lance's main spike can embed and grow on Fractal Shell clusters if thrown from the outside in. If thrown from the inside out, the Crystal Lance has a chance to split into two with a slight projectile spread.

Lattice Spark - 75 energy

Release a flying crystalline comet that orbits an ally or enemy on the reticle, or orbit Azure when cast without a target on the reticle, that persists until detonated by Azure. On Azure or an ally, when they attack an enemy, the spark jumps to the first enemy target to damage them then returns to that ally, similar to a thrown Glaive.

Damage received by the ally or enemy cause the comet to grow crystal spikes, becoming larger and deadlier as it stores a percentage of the damage. When an orbited enemy dies, the spark jumps to a nearby enemy to inflict base Puncture damage amplified by the previously stored damage, potentially creating a chain reaction of killing the new target and jumping again to the next. If no enemies are in range as an orbited enemy dies, the spark floats in place and attaches to the next enemy coming in range, but the stored damage decays over time. Up to 3 Lattice Sparks can be active at once, with Azure able to see their auras at all times.

Recast Lattice Spark at 3 sparks to cause the oldest to explode, or hold while active to cause all existing sparks to explode, showering deadly crystal spikes outward dealing Puncture status and damage amplified by the stored damage. Explosion damage diminishes with distance.

Lattice Spark can also be cast on Fractal Shell clusters.

Chrysalis - 100 energy

Levitate into the air as a mound of phasic crystal encases Azure in a deceptively mobile barrier for a duration, with the crystal mound following Azure as she floats, moves, and parkour (same floating animations as Wisp). Azure and her allies' projectiles passing through the Chrysalis gain Punch-Through and Projectile Speed bonuses. Incoming enemy bullets become embedded in the surface, while projectiles are slowed by 99% as they pass through, and beam attacks refract away from the center. Melee enemies trying to attack within a Chrysalis will recoil from the hardness of the crystal after each attack.

Hold while active on Azure to release her from the Chrysalis. Hold-cast creates a stationary crystal mound instead.

Crystal Lance and Lattice Spark also gain Projectile Speed when passing through Chrysalis.





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