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"Middle-of-the-road" Standing Items are frustrating to get.


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So I've recently come back from large break from the game and am working on gaining standing with the various new syndicates, mainly The Holdfasts, Solaris United, and the Entrati. The problem I'm having is with so-called 'middle-of-the-road' standing items for The Holdfasts and Solaris United, i.e. Voidplume Crests and Medical Debt-Bonds. You'd think they'd be easier to get than the higher ranked standing items, but they're actually much harder for some reason because they're in this between space where DE doesn't seem to have made them available in many places.

The Voidplume Crests aren't that bad, I was able to get them after a little while doing missions and looking for them, but the Medical Debt Bonds are very frustrating to farm. Ticker hasn't sold them even once that I've looked in her inventory, and farming the bounties is frustrating because I keep getting endo instead.

TLDR, my request is thus: just guarantee that Ticker will have at least some of each type of Debt bond every time her inventory restocks! Or something like that. Please.

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You're not alone, here. Ever player who has reached Rank 5 (or has not...) will agree that it is the most painful (some disagree, preferring to say Conclave standing is. Which, if you think about it, is true) farm. 

Many, many, many complaints have landed in these forums in the last few years. At minimum, Ticker should always have one batch of Medical debt-bonds; even if it's just a single bond, it will slowly work you up towards the needed amount.

Also unfortunately, once you reach Rank 5 and go into the backroom and take on a Profit-Taker, they drop three bonds (also duped by Resource Boosters). Of course, they do this after you have reached Rank 5 with Solaris United.

I wish you luck. You can set yourself a goal to get (number here) per week, or (number here) per day to do. Eventually, you will get enough.

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1 hour ago, BubbhaPrime said:

Many, many, many complaints have landed in these forums in the last few years.

And then when DE finally decides to Do something about it... They act as if they only Learned about the issue recently.... Which.... I guess if they've been ignoring All the feedback about it...is Technically True ¯\_(ツ)_/¯...


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I haven't tested this but I think helminth skill can find the coins and scans on the plains.


I think progression will get more and more branched and complicated to fix so the simplest solution would be to let players fix the progression branch themselves by swapping any items between them. This would warm up platinum liquidity and speed up the welcome of new players.

many common items could be traded and the only control of the market would be to change the drop chance or put account level locks on the item preventing construction. we have daily level up lock everywhere and drop chance is very ramified enslaving newbies to prime parts market so why lock common items trade?!?!?

an example of this is the red blue and yellow mods. We have rare mods dropable from enemies and common rewards and common mods dropable from enemies and very rare rewards.

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