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My theory about the Duviri


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So I was casually scrolling through Dax images as any nerd would, wondering why Teshin's and Varzia's armors were different colors and if the Golden Dax ever existed (I think Excal, Volt and Mag are fighting against golden Dax soldiers in 2019 trailer). And through scrolling, I realized this:WoEjymU.jpeg

Umbra was actually the Golden Dax I was looking for, but also his helmet caught my eye. It's different from Teshin's one.kr40lB2.png

But also, Umbra has a Semi circle-ish shape on his helmet. Now who else has the same shape on the helm?sOvvuJJ.jpeg

We may be getting more of Umbra's story in Duviri, either from before he was converted into a Warframe, or maybe from the timeline where he never even was converted. I hope I'm right, but Dax soldiers from Tennocon 2019 trailer have same helmets so It's possible that I'm wrong.


Now something else:

These colors of Bishamo armors raise another question in me: Why? Were they some kind of reputation class indicators? Why is Teshin bronze if we judge by the fact that Bronze is considered lower than Silver (Varzia) or Gold (Umbra)?


I hope we get more of this in the near future.


Edit: Looked closer to Dax helms from 2019 trailer and they don't really have same helmets as Umbra, so I *could* be right.

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I'm not convinced they are different colors. Or at least, that they're supposed to be different.

Kahl-175 has a special silver trim on his armor that made us think he was an Eximus at the time. However no existing Grineer unit, Eximus or otherwise, uses Kahl's armor and trim color. While Kahl is still probably a squad leader (uses the Machete, most Lancers only get the Sheev) he's most likely intended to be an ordinary Lancer who are retconned into having silver trim.

Problem is, this change was only applied to Kahl, and not the other in-game Lancers we still fight after the quest

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah. I think all Dax are supposed to be golden, and they haven't bothered improving Teshin's colors to be more golden, or Varzia to be less silver

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