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Eclipse hability changes half frost body skin


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Using eclipse ability (mirage ability) on Frost change half is body to default skin when whit a skin equipt.

This effect can be seen by other players and stay's until i end the mission then it goes back to normal (goes back to normal in non combat locations more like a lobby)



Using deafult has some effect but here goes back to normal whenne ability ends i guess it change to default too  but it's already default.



Doing this in simulacrum can make more weird skin problems like changing the top part to default and making the down part into your chosen skin.

Having default helmet doesnt have effect in here only skin dont know if is some customazation i made on frost that makes eclipse ability react this way

my customazation is normally no syandana, Frost Hisame helmet, Frost Emperor Skin, caliban noble animation set , ostron arm guards in left and right and Oscira on both legs , prisma edo in chest and freezing step ephemera, my sigils are clan emblem right side and bloodshed on back at the front oracle sigil (it's there but it's full transparent.

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