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Kuva murmurs needs a revision


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Has being a long time since kuva came and we can compare with tenet currently not many players farm Kuva weapons
or they solo/private ,its quite extrange finding pubs as tenet is uncommon depending days/hours but you may find some not many

However liches do take longer while tenet is quite fast farm .my 10's sister where around 2hours the whole thing
THEREFORE can MURMURS for kuva be reduced. its aproximated 180 total(big number) when missions have around 5
    (which some spawn barelly anything as def taking 2minutes or more per round for mere 1 or non)

So please reduce it to less than 150 with a real number not aproximated 180 [Couldnt found the total murmur for liches anymore inside wikia]
180 are 36 missions with 5 Thralls each,no one wants to do 36 missions for 1 gun when there are 19 
plus having 25% most of the time (which it feels rigged having more 20's weapons than 30 or 40 - 1 to 60 and if its below 25 its 25?)

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