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Lately I've been testing certain weapons especially those that are rated statistically bad.

among those are the ghoulsaw spear saws.

And although they are decendes in initial to medium or terminal content, they leave much to be desired along with a small constructive criticism of the range system of weapons in general.Here is my opinion to improve these weapons even better and even give them more comfort and fun

la miter: stays the same with bouncing leaves

uncharged shot

crit chance:15%


charged shot

projectile speed: 130 m/s


crit chance:55%

panthera: adheres to the body of the enemies dealing damage over time while the blade rotates (increases the duration with the duration of status) then falls,


panthera prime: when attaching to the enemy while the blade rotates, it will release a clouds of beetles (when carrying inaros increases the range) and when this blade explodes

crit chance:45%



As for the ghoulsaw it has a lot of potential but it is overshadowed by its basic eyesight like all mele here an idea of a mechanic so easy to include that I don't know why they didn't include it

machinery loading:
I explain this mechanic is derived from the use of his attacks accelerating his blade slightly increasing his state, critical, and his probabilida scaling those statistics by 20% and adding a state in this version of the ghoulsaw will give 35% heat damage when reaching dop maximum and the weapon in that state goes 1 minute without activating

changes of guard

Butcher's Revelry-Stanceless Combos

Ghoul Rush (grapple attack (mechanical again)

(While Not Moving)

Rictus' Wrath

(While Moving)

(While Blocking) new increases the movement when it is in a turn state to be able to reach a greater number of enemies

Carving Carcass
(Heavy Attack) added grip mechanics so they don't slip away or fly away

wish -Gaia tragedy

Forest's Remorse

delete remove repetitive hook

i add the old horizontal many combo for the reason that there are almost always no enemies on top of us

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