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The helminth system stats should be released


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This was shown off after about two months since the release of the helminth system and I think making the in-depth stats available for public viewing could be a great way of viewing how the helminth system fosters for the game as well as information about abilities in general some examples:

How often do people like using the invigoration system?

What are the worst abilities? 

What are some of the lesser used and known synergies?

What are the most common synergies?

What new synergies pops up since the last time it was release? 

Are there any trends?

What are the most tossed resources?

What are the least tossed resources?

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Releasing play data is double-edged, so it's always a strategic decisions whether to release any of it, and what parts of it to release if at all.  It's fantastic because it does provide compelling insight into play patterns, but that insight can often lead to those trends being chased.  In other words, providing the data risks further skewing the data in a way that's arguably unhealthy for the game.

I do love when they provide this data, but I also understand when they don't.

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Players don't handle data like this very well. While some may be curious just to have a conversation, the reality is many players would just look for the most common and copy it. DE knows this very well since content creators basically spoil the game by leading players into meta builds and "quick wins" advice. Personally, I'd love to see usage but not enough to accept the potential consequences on DE's part.

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