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Orb Vallis might get unloaded when leaving a Squad in the "Waiting for Players"-Zone at the Deck 12 Door


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I joined the Vallis via Fortuna and entered the cave leading to Deck 12 while in a 4 player squad. They however didn't want to do Exploiter, so i just left the squad. Seemingly this made the whole tilesets around the cave disappear.



After I lured out the Exploiter and destroyed his vents, this was waiting for me at the door back to the Vallis.

I first used /unstuck to save me from the endless fall and then flew out using the Archwing to take the Screenshot.

After that i flew a bit upward, approximately the location where the Bossfight would be, and used unstuck again after waiting for a bit, but it put me right back to the Deck 12 door


I'm guessing this happened due to the Squad leaving and therefore not reloading the huge Orb Vallis Tileset when I created the new Squad down in the Cave.


Hope this will get fixed soon, cause you can't enter the Vallis to finish the Bossfight and you'll lose a Dilluted Thermia for it.

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