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Is this good? And how much can I get for it?

(XBOX)Aced Iron


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It's not a great roll to be honest. Hirudo isn't very sought after weapon so it's going to be a niche market for it. CC is OK for a heavy attack but most would probably want a riven for a blood rush build instead. Combo is not great as there are better ways to get combo such as through the aura Swift Momentum or aracane Primary Dexterity. +Infested is not a sought after stat as they're already pretty squishy, negative Infested would be better. Your negative is good though. Lastly with 21 rolls someone will have to pay 3500 kuva a roll straight off the bat which puts people off and devalues the riven.

In summary on xbox I'd be surprised if you got as much as 50p for it, and for that it probably won't be a quick sale. Either keep rerolling it or sell it off as trash (20ish plat).


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